VRCalc++ Object Oriented Scripting Language

VRCalc++ Object Oriented Scripting Language

VRCalc++ Object Oriented Scripting Language

VRCalc++ Engine is embeddable in any Delphi Application using Dynamic Packages
VRCalc++ is an Object Oriented Scripting Language which interpreter Engine is embeddable in any Delphi Application using Delphi Packages.

Born as a simple calculator, VRCalc++ features the same operators as C++ and Java and extra objects related operators implemented using Delphi object interfaces as well as a complete set of procedural flow control structures including:

selection statements
loops control statements
labelled statements
exceptions control statements
thread synchronization statements
and so on ...

VRCalc++ includes support for the following:

access to the Delphi RTL package data, funcs and procs
Dynamic Arrays
run-time exceptions handling
multi threaded functions and objects
Binary Serialization
DLL & Delphi Packages (BPL) access (for Windows as well as the others supported OS)
and more ...

the VRCalc++ Engine is embeddable in any application using Delphi packages because its scripting run-time code and other environment support exported functions are also contained in Delphi packages.

VRCalc++ is extensible by object oriented scripted class modules or by external packages implementing and exporting the required functions and interfaces.

VRCalc++ Scripted Class Modules usually define and export functions as well as properties the VRCalc++ base independent script Engine code can also be recompiled and run under Linux and MacOS.

VRCalc++ Console is a Delphi VCL Windows Application using the VRCalc++ Scripting Engine Package. It can also be used as a simple, immediate and fast calculator by executing simple scripts or scratch code.

VRCalcSX is a Console Program that only executes VRCalc++ scripts

VRCalc++ FMX Script Executor is a Multi-Platform Delphi Application that Executes VRCalc++ Scripts

these Applications are extensible by pluggable modules.

VRCalc++ Plug in Modules are *.BPL Files (Delphi Packages) responsible for registering the required external functions into some namespace in the Global Names List Root which is accessible using the At Prefixed Operator ("@") so they can be addressed by scripted code.

VRCalc++ Links
You can find:

VRCalc++ Source Code, Delphi Build Projects
VRCalc++ Scripts Samples, VRCalc++ Documentation and more Delphi Projects by Vincent Radio {Adrix.NT} on SourceForge.net at


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