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DTK Software License Plate Recogniton SDK v4.2.119

DTK Software License Plate Recogniton SDK v4.2.119
DTK Software License Plate Recogniton SDK v4.2.119

DTK ANPR/LPR SDK (Automatic Number Plate Recognition/License Plate Recognition) is a software development kit designed for software developers who wants to integrate vehicle license plate recognition into their software. The ANPR/LPR Engine detects license plates from various video sources (IP cameras, video files, video capture devices) and still images (JPEG, PNG, BMP). The fast and stable LPR Engine is built on latest technologies and algorithms and provide higly accurate plate detection from real-time video at resoluton up to 1920x1080 (Full HD), and supports many plate formats of different countries.

Supports standard IP cameas protocols and encodings (such as MJPEG/HTTP, H.264/RTSP) and custom video sources, providing decoded (RAW) frame images. The SDK can be used with many programming languages, like C++, C#, VB.Net, Java, etc.

DTK Software offer end-user ANPR/LPR Solution developed based on LPR Engine v4.

ANPR/LPR Engine provide the following information about recognized plate.
Plate text
Plate country (from defined list of countries)
Plate coordinates on image/frame
Confidence (%)
Vehicle moving direction (0..360 degree)
Frame image JPEG format (quality is configured)
Camera name
Server name

Supported countries:
(AL)Albania, (AT)Austria, (AZ)Azerbaijan, (BA)Bosnia and Herzegovina, (BE)Belgium, (BG)Bulgaria, (BR)Brazil, (BY)Belarus, (CH)Switzerland, (CZ)Czech Republic, (DE)Germany, (DK)Denmark, (EE)Estonia, (ES)Spain, (FI)Finland, (FR)France, (GB)United Kingdom, (GE)Georgia, (GR)Greece, (HR)Croatia, (HU)Hungary, (IE)Ireland, (IL)Israel, (IS)Iceland, (IT)Italy, (KZ)Kazakhstan, (LT)Lithuania, (LU)Luxembourg, (LV)Latvia, (MD)Moldova, (ME)Montenegro, (MK)Macedonia, (MT)Malta, (MX)Mexico, (MY)Malaysia, (NL)Netherlands, (NO)Norway, (PL)Poland, (PT)Portugal, (RO)Romania, (RS)Serbia, (RU)Russian Federation, (SE)Sweden, (SI)Slovenia, (SK)Slovakia, (TR)Turkey, (TW)Taiwan, (UA)Ukraine, (VN)Viet Nam, (XK)Kosovo

Supported countries/formats (PDF)

Supported video formats:
H.264 via RTSP
Supported image formats:
Supported programming languages:
C++ (DLL)
.NET (.NET wrapper)
Java (JNI Java wrapper)
Any languages supported Native functions
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 32/64-bit (7/8/10/Server 2003/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016)
Linux (32/64bit, ARM, ARM64)


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