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Drox Operative v1.012

Drox Operative v1.012
Drox Operative v1.012 | 163 Mb

Drox Operative also boasts a number of uncommon but thoughtful touches in the form of additional options. From the ability to export your character sheet in HTML or a vBulletin format, to playing in a borderless windowed mode, with or without constrained mouse (a livestreamer’s dream), on to a plethora of gameplay configuration options such as low quality item filters, tool tip delays, and smart laser targeting based upon range. The thoughtfulness for the end user continues with a wide variety of resolutions supported, as well as the ability to choose your format and quality levels for screenshots (with detailed tooltips explaining the options), on to selecting your keyboard layout style: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, and Dvorak. Not only does Drox Operative have a surprising amount of configuration options, it left me wondering how we went without so much consideration from a developer before.

The thing is, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for these complaints, including that one off situation I mentioned earlier. Drox Operative is a great, deep, action game. I can play it for five minutes to satisfaction, or lose hours and have so many stories to tell. 2012 was a big year for action RPGs with multiple high profile releases and announcements, but Soldak has made possibly the best one yet, and it didn’t involve a single unique collectible item to gain unrelated stat bonuses. Unless you hate action RPGs, go buy this today.


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