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V.I.P Membeship

V.I.P Membeship

We launch V.I.P Membership. Where no bar of V.I.P Membership. For V.I.P Membership we provide direct mirror. This V.I.P part only for developer. Your little donation can help us a lot.

1 Day = 30$ ...... Pay Now

In 1 Day Plan you get 3 (three) files ONLY in 24 hours.

6 Month = 50$ ...... Pay Now

1 Year = 80$ ...... Pay Now

2 Year = 140$ ...... Pay Now

Lifetime = 200$ 150$ ...... Pay Now

Exclude from VIP products is not a part of VIP membership, but to get it you must have VIP membership account.


1. Do not share / resale any link to outside if you did this we block you immediate without any notice.
2. Some files (specially for developer) are costly or harder to crack then we put some limitation like EXCLUDE FROM VIP.

Last Modified: 21st February, 2017

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ControlMyNikon Final-GMW

ControlMyNikon Final-GMW
ControlMyNikon Final-GMW | 26 Mb

Connect your Nikon DSLR to your PC and experience new ways to capture images. Macro photography, timelapses, stop motion, HDR, long exposures, portrait sessions, product and laboratory sessions just got a lot easier. ControlMyNikon can handle simple remote control of your camera to complex technical shoots. Originally created to shoot bettter flower images, it found it's way into studios, movie sets, laboratories, hospitals, museums, schools, marketing firms and backyards.



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Wah! Search

Wah! Search

Current Version: Wah! Search v13.2012 Multilingual

Wah! Search is perfect warez search tool with direct mirror. You can get all apps, games, tutorial everything including scene release. Wah! Search can give you direct download link and you can also leech.


  1. 30 days = 15$
  2. 90 days = 30$
  3. 180 days = 45$
  4. 365 days = 55$
  5. 3 years = 99$

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