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ControlMyNikon Final-GMW

ControlMyNikon Final-GMW
ControlMyNikon Final-GMW | 26 Mb

Connect your Nikon DSLR to your PC and experience new ways to capture images. Macro photography, timelapses, stop motion, HDR, long exposures, portrait sessions, product and laboratory sessions just got a lot easier. ControlMyNikon can handle simple remote control of your camera to complex technical shoots. Originally created to shoot bettter flower images, it found it's way into studios, movie sets, laboratories, hospitals, museums, schools, marketing firms and backyards.



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Film Noir

Film Noir
Film Noir | 15 Mb

When photography was first introduced, the photographers had to shoot black and white photos, simply because technology didn't allow them to do color photography yet. Then, as color photography was invented in the 30's, black and white photography became a form of art, with a large following. Film Noir photography is a style of photography with accents to the dark and dramatic early film style. The French word "Noir" means "Black" or "Dark".

Tags: photography, style, color, black, white, means, Black, large, following, French, became, dramatic, accents, early, allow, photographers, introduced, first, shoot, photos

SoftOrbits Red Eye Remover Pro 2.0

SoftOrbits Red Eye Remover Pro 2.0
SoftOrbits Red Eye Remover Pro 2.0 | 6 Mb

In flash photography, the red-eye effect appears when shooting with a flash pointed straight to the face. Reflecting from the back of the eyeball, the bright spotlight from the flash bounces back to the camera, causing the pupil to appear red. While it is easy to avoid the red eye altogether by using bounce flash or reflectors available to professional photographers, compact cameras with built-in flashes lack these possibilities.

Tags: flash, Remover, effect, pupil, available, image, camera, compact, flashes, straight, possibilities, built, cameras, photographers, click, shoot, unwanted, photography, makes, SoftOrbits