Download Idera SQL Defrag Manager v3.6.0.388 + Key

Idera SQL Defrag Manager v3.6.0.388

Idera SQL Defrag Manager v3.6.0.388
Idera SQL Defrag Manager v3.6.0.388

Database administrators for SQL Server need to maintain the high availability and performance of their databases. Key areas that dramatically affect the performance of SQL Server are indexes that are fragmented and out of cluster. SQL Defrag Manager is a unique solution for defragmenting indexes for SQL Server. It automates the time-consuming process of finding fragmented indexes based on policies for the targeted databases.

Automate the identification of index fragmentation hot spots
Defragment on-demand and via schedules
Receive email notifications for policy and resource check exceptions
Use a centralized dashboard and detailed reporting

Customize defragmentation
Trigger defragmentation of database indexes by fragmentation percentage and scan density. Prioritize defragmentation by fragmentation level, scan density, and index size.

Manage with policies
Apply policies for defragmentation of database indexes at level of instances, database, and indexes. Apply the same policy to multiple objects at simultaneously.

Manage indexes
Specify how much free space SQL Server should leave on the index page via settings for fill factor to limit page splitting and shifting.

Check system resources proactively
Ascertain utilization of critical system resources before starting defragmentation to delay, prevent, or run as scheduled.

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