Download DBConvert Studio v2.1.2 (x32/x64) Retail

DBConvert Studio v2.1.2 (x32/x64) Retail

DBConvert Studio v2.1.2 (x32/x64) Retail
DBConvert Studio v2.1.2 (x32/x64) Retail

DBConvert Studio is a robust cross-database migration and synchronization software that converts database structure and data between different database formats. It combines mature, stable, battle-proven DBConvert and DBSync Cores with an improved modern UX design.

Database migration Scenarios.
DBConvert studio copy database
Copy. DBConvert Studio is the easiest way to copy data between various database types.
DBConvert studio sync database
Sync. One-way and Bidirectional synchronization scenarios help to keep databases in sync for all nodes.
DBConvert studio distibute database
Distribute. A data distribution scenario helps to cover more complex cases where data from a source database is converted to multiple destinations.
We support all popular databases - from old file-based formats to modern on-premise and cloud databases.

Source and target database connections can be configured for any local or remote MS Windows, Linux, macOS, or BSD database servers.

The application enables you to migrate data in different ways. You can choose from the following scenarios:
Master to slave migration
Bidirectional synchronization
Data distribution (data flows from one master database to multiple slave dbs)

By default all Source DB elements preselected for transferring to a destination database node. Some of DB elements like tables, fields, primary keys, indexes, views and schemas can be copied individually as well.

You can fully customize the migration process.
The data types can be changed with mapping feature;
All databases objects can be renamed;
Filters can be applied to retrieve subset data from Source;
Flexible Built-in Scheduler can automate tasks transfer to run them repeatedly;
Preliminary error checking helps to correct the settings for a target database before copying if they are configured improperly;
and many more features for effective replication and migration.

Supported databases:
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access
Microsoft FoxPro
Microsoft Excel
MS Azure SQL
Amazon RDS
Heroku Postgres
Google Cloud

Requirements for DBConvert Studio:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 Redistributable package
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable package
Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework

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