Download SAPIEN PrimalSQL 2022 v4.5.80

SAPIEN PrimalSQL 2022 v4.5.80

SAPIEN PrimalSQL 2022 v4.5.80
SAPIEN PrimalSQL 2022 v4.5.80

Using PrimalSQL, you can connect to any database: from Microsoft SQL Server, to Oracle, to Microsoft Access, to PostgreSQL or even to MySQL. PrimalSQL can be used to build rich and complex queries. From within the application, you can test and refine queries, export results, or generate code snippets in a variety of languages. Its modern, streamlined interface makes PrimalSQL easy to understand and use.

From simple select statements to complicated outer joins, from just checking if a connection works to editing stored procedures and live data, PrimalSQL has all the tools you need every day to create efficient SQL statements quickly and effortlessly. PrimalSQL also provides access to shared database connections with PowerShell Studio, along with the ability to export PowerShell scripts, PowerShell GUI scripts, and VBScripts. The application is useful for anyone who needs to work with databases, from a Windows administrator with modest scripting requirements to an enterprise-level DBA.

Supports multiple database providers from a single tool.
Access, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC, OLEDB, Sybase and more.
Build complex queries with the Visual Query Builder.
Use the Database Browser to explore the different connections.
Generate query scripts for Windows PowerShell and VBScript.
Generate Windows PowerShell GUI scripts from custom queries.
Format query strings for PowerShell, VBScript, C++ and HTML.
Export query results to HTML, XML, CSV or Text.
Edit Stored Procedures and Views.

Key Features
Database Vendor Independence
PrimalSQL is not constrained by a specific database vendor. You can connect to Microsoft SQL Server just as easily as you connect to Oracle, MySQL or even Microsoft Access. This gives you independence AND flexibility working with whatever databases you need access to.

Mix connections
PrimalSQL lets you connect to any number of databases, mixing vendors and connection types, simultaneously! Enjoy the flexibility of being able to create multiple connections to different databases at the same time.

Live Query and Edit
You have created a new database and now it’s time to test it. Or maybe you just need to develop some new queries for the accounting department. With PrimalSQL’s live query and data editing support, ad-hoc queries and testing is even easier than ever.

Export Results
Now that you have gotten the results that you need, you need to present them to whomever requested those results. PrimalSQL enables you to easily export the query results to HTML, XML, CSV or Text for further processing or presentation.

Visual Query Builder
Not a DBA? Can never remember those long table and field names that your database team insists are "self-documenting"? Forgot how to structure that one query you use every two months? Not to worry - with PrimalSQL you can create complex queries without expert SQL knowledge using PrimalSQL’s Query Builder interface.

Edit Queries as text
That very same query that you create with PrimalSQL’s Visual Query Builder can be edited as SQL text in the SQL Edit Pane. Jump back and forth between visual editing and text editing for even more power and flexibility.

Edit Stored Procedures
PrimalSQL also enables you to edit and create views and stored procedures in an easy to learn environment. Simply select the stored procedure you want to edit, make your changes and save it back to the database. Use the built-in SQL PrimalSense to make writing and editing your procedures even easier.

Quick Script Generation
Need to use a database query in a PowerShell or VBScript script? With the click of a button, PrimalSQL enables you to export your query as PowerShell or VBScript, either to the clipboard for pasting into PrimalScript (or any other editor) or to a file for later use.

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