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SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.9

SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.9
SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.9

SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most popular MySQL Manager and MySQL Admin Tool,combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL Clients in a single intuitive interface. Working with MySQL can sometimes be painful. SQLyog has the ability to take even the most difficult and time consuming tasks and make them a breeze.

Main features:
Visual Schema Designer
Includes many additional tools like:
Visual Schema Designer, Visual Query Builder
Smart Autocomplete, Intelligent Code Completion
Powerful Migration Toolkit, Get external data at scheduled intervals
Scheduled Data Synchronization, Both 1-way and 2-way sync supported
Side by side visual Schema Comparison, Auto DDL generation for syncing
Manage hosted MySQL over SSH, HTTP, HTTPS tunnels
Wizard Driven Scheduled Backups
Notification Services, Job Scheduler

SQLyog 13.1.9 (January 2022)


--Updated the 'User Manager' GUI to support the newly added privileges in MariaDB v10.5.

Bug Fixes:

--SQLyog returned an error when setting user server resources like maximum number of queries per hour, Maximum number of updates per hour, Maximum number of connections per hour, or Maximum number of user connections using User Manager GUI for MySQL v8+ Servers.
--The tunneler file for HTTP-tunnel has been updated with this release and must be replaced on the server. In the old tunneler file, curly braces were used for accessing array elements and string offsets; this behavior is deprecated. Also, some functions used are deprecated in PHP 7.4x.
--In some rare cases, the Schema Designer failed to add all the child tables of a parent table to the canvas.
--Explain Extended menu option is disabled for MySQL v5.7.3+ as it is deprecated.
--Database Synchronization wizard returned an error "Column definition mismatch" for "DATETIME" column on syncing the data from v5.7 to v8.
--SQLyog stopped responding when executing a query in an SSL connection through SSH-Tunnel.
--When an SSL connection was established through an SSH-tunnel, the 'New connection using current settings' option failed to open the same connection, as the UI stopped responding and SQLyog had to be forcefully terminated.


--Windows 7 Support has ended.

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