Download EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900 + Crack

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900
EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900

Design, explore and maintain databases, build compound SQL query statements, manage database user rights, and manipulate data fast and conveniently.

Easy managing of database and server objects
Create new database objects with advanced options just in a few clicks. Open or edit any object directly from the database explorer, create favorites groups, search for object names and customize DB tree look for easier administrating.

Code completion and formatting in SQL editor
Speed up query writing with code completion and information hints for procedure parameters available in SQL editor. Formatting capabilities and code folding make code navigation easier and more convenient. Interface and code settings can be adjusted to your needs.

Visual building of complex queries
Build complex queries with joins, conditions, and sub-queries in a visual mode without extended knowledge of SQL. Use effortless grouping, filtering, and sorting in the grid without the need to type field and function names.

Data export to popular formats
Export table, view, or query data to any of 20 popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, ODF, and more. The easy-to-use wizard helps to set advanced options for output file format and layout.

Data import data in insert, update, or delete mode
Populate tables with data from external files of 10 most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word, XML, MS Access, PDF, TXT, CSV, etc. Follow the steps of the friendly wizard to process required data, set column correspondence, select insert or update mode, and customize data format. Save time for routine operations with template use.

Advanced data view modes
View data from foreign tables in the same grid, use built-it BLOB editor to load and edit BLOB data, switch between cards, forms, grid view mode, and more. Sorting, filtering, and grouping are available with one click in the grid.

Easy executing of database maintenance tasks
Create backup files, restore databases, maintain indices structure with step-by-step wizards. Use built-in tools to monitor server processes, analyze and optimize databases.

Simple getting your database under source control
SQL Manager can automatically save database objects definitions to files for further use under the version control system of your choice. Customize DDL and command settings to adjust to your existing VS system.

Report tools and documenting databased
Build customized reports with an advanced tool for creating page designs ready for printing. Document all database objects with their properties just in a few clicks in HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, Excel, and other formats.

Powerful debugger to trace procedures, functions, and SQL scripts
Improve code quality with build-in T-SQL debugger. Trace procedures, functions, and SQL script step-by-step in real-time. Use breakpoints, call stacks, and watches to minimize time on locating the errors.

Synchronizing changes between databases
Simplify the process of synchronizing database structures. With Compare databases tool you can quickly compare database structures and apply changes in any direction.

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