Download Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise Edition v9.2.5

Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise Edition v9.2.5

Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise Edition v9.2.5
Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise Edition v9.2.5

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a universal GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB database development, management, and administration. The IDE allows you to create and execute queries, develop and debug stored routines, automate database object management, analyze table data via an intuitive interface. The MySQL client delivers data and schema comparison and synchronization tools, database reporting tools, backup options with scheduling, and much more.

In addition, dbForge Studio for MySQL is a perfect alternative to MySQL Workbench. Check out the pros of our tool over MySQL Workbench!

Database Development
Building, editing, and running queries, as well as measuring and optimizing query performance get much simpler with the following functionality:

MySQL Code Completion
SQL code formatting
SQL syntax check
MySQL Debugger
Query Profiler

Database Design
Database design tools allow users to create a database diagram, objects, projects, as well as to compare and synchronize database schemas efficiently and in a user-friendly interface.

Visual query builder
Visual design and editing
Database project framework
Table Designer

Database Administration
With these features, users can manage their accounts, set up permissions, monitor open sessions and their activity, as well as perform table maintenance. In addition, it is possible to back up and restore databases to/from a backup file.

Backup and Restore
Service Control
Data Export and Import
Security Manager
Copy Database

Data Reports and Analysis
Creation of data reports and pivot tables, as well as data comparison and synchronization may take much time and efforts while your work can be more productive using the following features:

Data Report Wizard
Report Designer
Pivot Tables
Chart Designer
Command line support

Broad Compatibility Options
dbForge Studio for MySQL is compatible with:

All MySQL server versions
All MariaDB server versions
Percona PAM Authentication for MySQL
Sphinx Search Engine
...and more!

Intelligent SQL Coding
Intelligent code completion, formatting, MySQL prompt, and code snippets bring convenience and effectiveness to your SQL code writing. Code navigation, obtaining quick object information, and syntax check are performed instantly.

Database Compare and Sync
When modifying MySQL database structure, transferring data between servers, analyzing differences between databases, you will:

Compare and sync data and schemas
Schedule regular database sync tasks
Generate comparison report

Data Generator
Populate your MySQL tables with thousands of rows of realistic test data. Data Generator supports all MySQL data types, includes a large number of meaningful generators with customizable settings, and allows generating data via the command-line interface.

A tool for generation of MySQL and MariaDB database documentation. Documenter allows you to:

Retrieve an overview of the database structure
View inter-object and inter-database dependencies
Customize documentation with style templates
Generate documentation files in the HTML, PDF and Markdown formats

Visual Query Builder
Visual query creation with diagram and expression editor. Queries of any complexity can be created in several seconds. The GUI tool automatically adds joins between tables and allows working with INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements.

Database Designer
Use database diagram for creating, analyzing, reverse-engineering, printing and customizing your MySQL databases and for:

Viewing foreign key relations
Displaying DB objects with properties
Execution of stored routines

Import/Export Data
Fill MySQL databases with external data using our export and import tools. They support more than 10 popular data formats and allow customizing the whole process. Templates, automating data import and data export tasks through command line are also available.

Database Backup
Dump databases in SQL format and schedule regular MySQL database backups. Use 5 levels of file compression and wide set of options to fine-tune backups. Save your settings and connections as a project for the next time or to use in the command line.

Database Administration
Tools for MySQL database administration and management include means for:

Managing user privileges
MySQL service control
Managing server variables
Table maintenance
Managing server sessions

MySQL Debugger
The first debugger for MySQL that offers step-by-step code execution, breakpoints, watches, a call stack, a variables evaluation mechanism to automate debugging of MySQL stored routines and triggers and keeps MySQL server's logic of procedure execution.

Table Designer
Visual designer for modifying or creating table structure, indexes, primary keys, defaults, and CHECK constraints. Get full control over the changes you have made. The heuristics feature will suggest a column type on creating a column based on the name you enter.

Database Refactoring
Improve MySQL database design by applying small changes. When such changes are performed, they are fully transparent and application takes care of all dependencies in the database:

Renaming database objects with preview
Refactoring script

Query Profiler
Improve multi-second queries using Query Profiler. The tool helps you detect problems and optimize SQL queries via GUI. Profiler:

Offers visual query profiling
Compares profiling results

Report and Analysis
Data reporting is performed using wizard with rich feature set, manually, or via command line. Ready reports can be imported to 9 formats and delivered to their recipients.

Group and summarize your data in pivot tables to make it easier to read and understand.

Database Projects
The Database Project is a collection of SQL scripts and query files which allows you to logically organize them in one place and in an offline mode. With this technology you can compare a database project with a database, by receiving a synchronized script, and deploy database changes.

Copy Database
Transfer MySQL Server databases from one server instance to another with a handy Copy Databases tool. The tool allows you to:

Customize copying settings
Copy databases together with data
Drop a database if it already exists on a target server

9.2.5 19-Apr-23


Added support for MariaDB v11.3 (D113571, D114332, D115079, D115266, D115522, D115532)
Added support for Aiven Cloud
Added support for SHA-256/512

Text Editor

Enhanced code completion for application-period temporal tables
Added support for a broader range of optimizer hints
Added support for the VALUES ... ORDER BY ... LIMIT statements
Added support for the TABLE statement
Added support for the EXCEPT and INTERSECT statements
Added support for spatial functions ST_LineInterpolatePoint, ST_LineInterpolatePoints, ST_PointAtDistance and ST_Collect (D116307)
Added the ability to show/hide the additional view in SQL Document using the Ctrl+R shortcut (p172754)

Query Builder

Added support for sequence tables in Query Builder (D106459)

Other Improvements

Added support for the UUID Data Type (D86002, D104539, D113090)
Added support for the INET6 Data Type
Added support for MySQL functional indexes (D91702, D104198, D116539, D116539, D106204)
Added the ability to save and load filters in Database Explorer
Improved the charset comparison behavior in Schema Compare
Added quoting of function names being used as table names

User-reported and internal bug fixes

Fixed metadata retrieval for MariaDB 10.6 and higher versions, and also removed the temporary workaround of setting the session system variable OLD_MODE to UTF8_IS_UTF8MB3 (D73426)
Fixed an error with incorrect server-side conversion of object names to lowercase (D106061)
Fixed an error that occurred when opening the Object Privileges tab in Security Manager (D117760)
Fixed an issue with saving formatting options to the registry (D108023)
Fixed an error that occurred when establishing the plink connection (D109982)
Fixed an issue with displaying object privileges in Security Manager (D110260)
Fixed an issue with saving SSH parameters in the Database Connection Properties window (D108759)
Fixed an error that occurred when establishing a connection in Security Manager (D109871, D110106)
Fixed an issue with retrieving the list of the unique keys columns in Database Explorer (D117975)
Fixed an issue with creating data reports via the command line (D106881)
Fixed an error that occurred with retrieving metadata for the procedure parameters (D105124, D105127)
Fixed an error that occurred when switching between the Grid View and Card View modes in Data Editor (D111269)
Supported the precision value outside the range for the TINYINT type in Schema Compare (D114677)
Fixed an error with opening a connection when repeatedly executing queries in SQL Document (D76206)
Fixed the Query Builder error (D99166, D105438)
Fixed the behavior of setting the Empty String value to a grid cell in Data Editor (D98979)
Fixed an issue with establishing a connection (D92507)
Fixed an issue with retrieving the list of database objects for the object tree in Backup Wizard (D95727)
Fixed an error that occurred when opening the SSH connection (D96538)
Fixed an issue with retrieving table data and closing the connection when working with Data Export (D96301)
Fixed an issue with retrieving metadata that occurred when using the Database Refactoring functionality (D92324, D108224, D108223)
Fixed a project build error that could occur when using window functions in scripts (D105388)
Fixed an error that occurred when generating the procedure script (D105550)
Fixed an error that occurred when generating a partitioned table script (D103972)
Resolved an issue where a part of the script could be mistakenly included in the comment while formatting (D103836)
Resolved an issue with formatting Boolean literals (D102810)
Fixed the Query Builder error that could occur when using the IN operator (D99248, D100896, D102812, D103890, D105776, D105818, D106453, D107239, D108230, D110776, D110775, D110796, D113188, D113187, D113186, D113417, D114489)
Fixed an issue where unnecessary users were created when building the project (D97627)
Fixed the comparison of default column values (D105686)
Added support for COLLATE and CHARSET in the RETURN expression in the function declaration (D97571)
Fixed a project build error that occurred when using CHARSET expressions in scripts (D96804, D97515)
Fixed a describe table error that could occur when using indexes (D100451, D100735, D108017)
Improved error diagnostics in Schema Compare (D88802, D108657, D112371)
Fixed an error for geometric data types (D117182)
Resolved an issue with application freezing that occurred when formatting complex view scripts (D114045)
Fixed an index describe error on older server versions (D112402, D113474)
Fixed an error that could occur when closing documents (D111897)
Fixed the generation of trigger scripts on computers with non-English locales (D106873)
Fixed the generation of table scripts (D105686)
Added support for the 'omit anti-spoofing prompt after authentication' option for the plink connections (D102896)
Fixed an error that occurred when opening SQL Editor during script generation in Data Generator (D113530)
Improved the security of username display (D112569)
Fixed an error that occurred when closing the application (D110505)
Fixed an error that occurred when synchronizing MEDIUMTEXT data in Data Compare (D104903)
Improved the behavior of editing procedures and functions (D102644, D102841, D103971)
Fixed the behavior of managing connections in the SQL document (D103386)
Fixed synchronization of auto_increment columns (D102972)
Fixed an error that occurred when starting the application (D102869)
Fixed an issue with document recovery after reopening the application (D105620)
Fixed an error that occurred when creating a procedure with a temporary sequence (D99696)
Resolved an issue with access to the license file (D98720, D100518, D100517, D103220, D103362, D103806)
Improved the application startup performance (D91185, D96141, D88553, D91620, D91185)
Fixed a system error in the graphics subsystem (D97919, D106437)
Fixed an error that occurred when displaying the tooltip window in the Text Editor (D95396, D101253, D103675, D112759)
Resolved an issue with opening the Table Editor in Crossover (D96371, D98198, D101222, D102631, D102835, D102960, D103223, D103463, D103991, D104676, D104979, D110176, D115237, D117447, D117964, D118316)
Fixed an error that occurred when creating database documentation (D96911)
Fixed an error that occurred when saving documents for recovery (D95381, D97151, D96859, D96530, D97355, D110731, D99726, D108097, D114007, D117825)
Improved the behavior of executing procedures for users with limited privileges (D93314)
Fixed an error that could occur when dragging and dropping objects onto the database diagram (D51650, D82417, D110806)
Fixed an error that occurred when editing check constraints (D115614)
Resolved issues with parsing scripts containing hieroglyphs (D113661, D113644)
Fixed an error that occurred when debugging stored routines with error handlers that call the FOUND_ROWS function (D111281)
Fixed a freezing issue that could occur when working with Documenter - Studio, Documenter (D111195)
Fixed syntax checking errors (D109833, D11056, D103967, D78508)
Fixed an error that occurred when working with Query Builder (D105645, D113594)
Fixed an issue with exporting data to an Excel table (D107416, D98748)
Improved the algorithm for converting object names to their original case during formatting (D103470, D91820)
Fixed an error that occurred when executing queries that call the JSON_TABLE function (D100370)
Resolved an issue with processing paths to project files (D91703)
Fixed an error that occurred when importing data from JSON files (D93929, D104253)

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