Download Manifold SQL for ArcGIS Pro 9.0.181 x64

Manifold SQL for ArcGIS Pro 9.0.181 x64

Manifold SQL for ArcGIS Pro 9.0.181 x64
Manifold SQL for ArcGIS Pro 9.0.181 x64

Esri users can now enjoy the world's best spatial SQL as an add-in to the world's premier professional desktop GIS package. SQL for ArcGIS® Pro is a new add-in for Esri's ArcGIS® Pro desktop GIS. The add-in provides spatial SQL for Esri file geodatabases, mobile geodatabases, and other data sources in your ArcGIS Pro project in tight integration with ArcGIS Pro.

SQL for ArcGIS Pro supports ArcGIS Pro 2.x as well as the new ArcGIS Pro 3.0 release! Use the lastest Cutting Edge installation for ArcGIS Pro 3.0 support.

By default, ArcGIS Pro is missing 95% of SQL. The new add-in provides the missing 95% to give you full power, read/write spatial SQL.

The add-in enhances ArcGIS Pro with the world's most powerful desktop spatial SQL engine, the automatically CPU parallel and GPU parallel Radian® engine, to unleash the phenomenal power of SQL from your ArcGIS Pro desktop. Enjoy full-featured SQL, superior quality, and the amazing speed of parallel CPU and parallel GPU query execution, all supported with hundreds of SQL functions for every spatial need.

In Advanced mode the add-in runs spatial SQL with hundreds of file formats, databases, web servers, and other data sources outside of ArcGIS Pro. Ultrafast data storage built into the add-in makes it easy to combine huge data from outside your ArcGIS Pro project with data inside the project.

It's all automatic and built in: No need to install, load, and administer a clunky enterprise DBMS to get real SQL with massive capacity and speed. Download and install SQL for ArcGIS® Pro in less than five minutes, and immediately enjoy SQL power that blows the doors off old-fashioned, non-parallel spatial packages.

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