Download CData Sync v23.3.8700 for Windows + Crack

CData Sync v23.3.8700 for Windows + Crack

CData Sync v23.3.8700 for Windows + Crack
CData Sync v23.3.8700 for Windows + Crack

Use one tool to integrate and replicate data from on-prem to on-prem, cloud to cloud, on-prem to cloud, and cloud to on-prem. CData Sync supports unlimited data movement to whichever database or data warehouse you use: Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Databricks, Google Big Query, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Teradata, Vertica, and more. Connect to hundreds of data sources and targets with one no-code data integration tool.

Transform data the way you want
Support for any data integration pattern. Execute ETL and ELT processes flexibly using dbt Core, dbt Cloud, or custom SQL transformations. Schedule and monitor data pipelines and add transformations, functions, and filtering before, during, or after data is moved to its destination.

Move data without boundaries
Unlike cloud-only solutions, Sync easily integrates data between on-premises, public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), and private cloud environments. Sync can even be deployed in customer-owned environments to support specific enterprise architectures and data residency requirements for privileged data.

Support all your data replication use cases
Consolidate customer data for better insights and reporting
Replicate data from your Salesforce ecosystem to Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Snowflake for improved analytics, historical reporting, and customer experiences.
Migrate your databases to the cloud
Replicate data from Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to a data warehouse such as Snowflake, Google Big Query, and Azure SQL database.
Move CSV files to databases with ease
Easily import data in files by moving CSV and other files to Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake, and more. CData Sync maps CSV fields into respective columns for quicker integrations.

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