Download Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server Enterprise 6.6.5 (x64) + Crack

Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server Enterprise 6.6.5 (x64) + Crack

Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server Enterprise 6.6.5 (x64) + Crack
Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server Enterprise 6.6.5 (x64) + Crack

SQL developers and DBAs performing complex database tasks can use the GUI tool to speed up almost any database experience, such as designing databases, writing SQL code, comparing databases, synchronizing schemas and data, generating meaningful test data, and much more.

Database Development
dbForge Studio for MS SQL Server provides extensive functionality and a bunch of built-in tools that will automate routines and make developers truly agile in the database development process.

Edit and run queries in a new SQL document
Build queries in a visual designer
Run a large script without loading it into memory
Create unit tests using tSQLt framework
Debug stored procedures and functions
Source-control database changes
Create database objects in a visual editor
Generate database scripts

SQL Coding Assistance
Writing code in SQL Editor takes lot of time while you can be more productive with the help of:

Code completion — to create whole SQL statement in a few keystrokes.
SQL formatting — to follow common coding style (standard).
T-SQL Analyzer — to improve quality of your code with configurable rules.
SQL snippets — to save time storing and reusing repeated code fragments.
Quick object information — to show hints with info on database objects.
Code navigation — to quickly jump by F12 to variable declaration, object editor, etc.

Source Control
Incorporate source control system into your database development and deployment processes. With dbForge Studio, version controlling of SQL databases becomes smooth and flawless. The feature allows users to:

Link database to the most popular source control systems
Source-control a working folder
Perform all source-controlling tasks visually in a handy interface
Track changes history
Resolve conflicts

Index Manager
A handy tool for analyzing the status of SQL indexes and fixing issues with index fragmentation. Index Manager allows you to quickly collect index fragmentation statistics and detect databases that require maintenance. You can instantly rebuild and reorganize SQL indexes in a visual mode or generate SQL script for future use.

Unit Test
An intuitive and convenient tool for implementing automated unit tests. The tool is based on the open-source tSQLt framework, so SQL developers can benefit from writing unit tests in regular T-SQL. Unit Test rich functionality allows developing stable and reliable code that can be properly regression tested at the unit level.

Table Designer
Table is a key object in any database and is the most difficult one to configure. The elaborated SQL Table Designer allows to:

Quickly set table properties in the visual editors.
Edit a script that creates the table.
Rebuild tables when complex changes are introduced.
Preview changes before modification of an SQL database object.

Database Designer
An incomparable set of visual database tools allowing to visualize, create and edit SQL Server databases without writing code. Drag & drop the database on the diagram and get its basic objects and their connections neatly displayed. The Database Designer feature provides:

Database diagrams and scaling.
Printing large diagrams.
Virtual connections.
Visual Database Editor.

T-SQL Debugger
A must-have SQL database development tool for server-side logic. It's integrated into the stored procedure editor. Start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree.

Schema Compare
Give the Schema Compare a try, and you will use this tool for any major changes in the database structure. Our tool will help you to:

Synchronize database schemas with complex object dependencies.
Detect development errors early.
Create schema snapshots to capture database structure.
Detect drift on production databases.
Create deployment scripts targeting different SQL Server editions.

6.6.5 12-Apr-24


Integration support for SSMS 20.x
User-reported bug fixes

Fixed an error associated with importing data from JSON (D148492)
Fixed an issue that occurred when comparing text source objects in Source Control

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