Download Firebird Maestro v24.2.0.1 + Crack

Firebird Maestro v24.2.0.1 + Crack

Firebird Maestro v24.2.0.1 + Crack
Firebird Maestro v24.2.0.1 + Crack

Firebird Maestro is the premier Firebird tool for database management, control and development. It provides a rich set of GUI tools for anyone who uses Firebird including database developers, DBAs, and data analysts. Key features include:

Support for all Firebird versions up to 5.0
Easy database object management
Database Designer
Comfortable access to Firebird security features
Data management and data analysis tools
Handy SQL Editor with code folding and multi-threading
Visual Query Builder with support for subqueries and UNIONS
Data export/import to/from the most popular formats
Database schema refactoring tools
Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor

All these features make our product your irreplaceable assistant in the world of the Firebird database server. Boost your productivity and save your time and efforts on managing and maintaining your databases with Firebird Maestro!

New feature highlights:
This version of the software comes with Firebird 5.0 compatibility.
Support for partial indexes has been added (Firebird 5.0). Such indexes allow to index only a specific subset of table rows.
To create a partial index, just turn ON the appropriate checkbox, and provide the search condition in the Conditional expression edit box.

Support for Firebird 5.0 embedded server has been added. To manage 4.0 or 5.0 databases, select the "Embedded server 5.0" protocol in Create Database Profiles or Edit Database Profile windows.

SSH client has been upgraded. Now it supports more secure key exchange algorithms.

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