Download ApexSQL v2021.1.346.0 + Patch

ApexSQL v2021.1.346.0 + Patch

ApexSQL v2021.1.346.0 + Patch
ApexSQL v2021.1.346.0 + Patch

ApexSQL is a comprehensive tool set that streamlines and automates SQL Server database management and development processes while also addressing security and compliance. With its expansive portfolio of products, ApexSQL enables SQL Server DBAs and developers to dramatically increase their efficiency without sacrificing the quality of their work or the safety of the databases.

The ApexSQL Operations Toolkit for SQL Server is the indispensable set of tools for managing SQL Server databases more effectively. The toolkit enables you to map out your SQL Server inventory and perform health and security audits to discover performance issues, availability threats and security vulnerabilities. And with a robust collection of recovery tools, it can help you return to normal operations if disaster strikes.

Index analysis and defragmentation

Analyze index fragmentation
Rebuild and reorganize fragmented indexes
Create and manage custom policies
Set schedules for defragmentation jobs
Set Email notifications
Monitor index fragmentation on multiple servers
Export all activities to CSV or XML
Create index fragmentation reports

SQL Server job management and automation

Manage SQL Server Agent jobs across multiple servers
Get a detailed job history overview
Manage SQL Server services on managed servers
Export job details to PDF, HTML, XML or CSV format
Manage SQL Server schedules
Control the status of SQL Server Agent services
Define and manage SQL Server alerts
Monitor SQL Server Agent logs

SQL Transaction log reading

Audit data, schema, and permission changes
Gain full visibility into your transaction logs
Rollback or replay any database transaction
Forensically investigate who changed what and when
Implement before and after auditing
View a complete history of row changes
Reverse inadvertent or malicious database transactions
Avoid performance overhead and data storage

SQL Server instance management

Discover SQL Server instances, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS services
Provide high level analysis of discovered instances
Enforce best practices by reviewing and detecting issues
Document SQL Servers in Word, PDF, HTML and CHM
Compare SQL Server instances and snapshots
Manage active SQL Server logins on multiple instances
Create and manage schedules for all core features
Set email notifications for specific schedule events

Database disaster recovery

Recover deleted, dropped and truncated data
Reverse inadvertent or malicious database changes
Rollback or replay any DDL or DML change
Recover deleted data and files from SharePoint
Extract data directly from backup files
Extract BLOBs stored as files
Recover deleted BLOBs
Isolate specific SQL Server operations

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