Download Devart dbForge Edge 4in1 Enterprise Edition v2.2.1 + Crack

Devart dbForge Edge 4in1 Enterprise Edition v2.2.1 + Crack

Devart dbForge Edge 4in1 Enterprise Edition v2.2.1 + Crack
Devart dbForge Edge 4in1 Enterprise Edition v2.2.1 + Crack

Let's see. You need to deal with multiple database management systems. At the same time, you want to be flexible and effective at handling a broad range of database development, management, and administration tasks. Most importantly, you don't have any time to waste on stitching together a large and consistent toolset that would fully meet your needs—and surely you don't want to spend much time learning how to use it. You just want to start being versatile and productive at once.

This is where dbForge Edge comes into play. It's a suite that comprises four database IDEs with similarly clean and intuitive user interfaces—and each of them covers a massive spectrum of tasks on different database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Redshift.

Design tables in a visual editor
The built-in table designer comprises visual editors for columns, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, check constraints, statistics, and table storage properties. You can edit table data, navigate through the visual editor and code editor simultaneously, use automatic prompts of data types, document tables, preview ALTER TABLE scripts, and rebuild your tables without affecting or losing the data contained within.

Visualize database structures on ER diagrams
You can create elaborate diagrams to visualize database structures and logical relations between tables. Moreover, you can edit database objects directly on these diagrams, group logically related objects using containers, and print out large database diagrams with ease.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an integrated environment that encompasses nearly every task related to database development, management, administration, test data generation, data analysis and reporting, comparison and synchronization of database schemas and table data, as well as DevOps integration.

Originated as a far more powerful alternative to SSMS, dbForge Studio is renowned for being one of the most feature-rich and well-designed SQL Server database IDEs on the market. Just like other dbForge tools, it is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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