Download Navicat-BI v2.0.3 EN Windows x64 + Crack

Navicat-BI v2.0.3 EN Windows x64

Navicat-BI v2.0.3 EN Windows x64
Navicat-BI v2.0.3 EN Windows x64

Transform your data into impactful visualizations during the data exploration and visualization phase of your Business Intelligence (BI) process. By simplifying data analysis and leveraging interactive dashboards, you can easily share your workspaces with colleagues, facilitating collaborative decision-making and aligning your business strategies with data-driven intelligence.

Connect to a number of different databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, MariaDB, MongoDB and Snowflake.

Import data from any ODBC data sources including Sybase and DB2.

File Types
Import data from external files such as Excel, Access, CSV, from data stored on your computer, network, or a URL.

Linked File
Link your chart to data in data sources to update the chart according to changes in the underlying data.

Create effective dashboards.
Design more powerful dashboards to uncover fresh insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Build an interactive dashboard to display a collection of your charts. Combine multiple views of data to gain a richer insight. You can also create separate dashboards for different topics that you would like to track.

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