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Delphi Package Tool

Delphi Package Tool
Delphi Package Tool

Tool to install/build/compile project groups (.bpg/.bdsproj/.groupproj) directly without
using the Delphi IDE for D5/D6/D7/D2006/Turbo Delphi,D2007,D2009,D2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6,XE7,XE8,XE10,XE10.1,XE10.2,XE10.3,XE10.4
- Used to make automatic build of projects.
- Used to install/uninstall packages.
- Used to rebuild projects for different Delphi Versions.
- Helps you in taking over a project from another computer or programmer.
- Creates batch file .bat to install&compile your projects/packages.
- New feature: Project Group Editor. Arrange your .bpg/.bdsproj/.groupproj file by drag&drop.
- New feature to uninstall all third-Party components or all components located in ($DELPHI)\Projects\bpl directory.
Source-Code is available at Patches are welcome!

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