Download TMS VCL Chart v4.4.1.4 Full Source

TMS VCL Chart v4.4.1.4 Full Source

TMS VCL Chart v4.4.1.4 Full Source
TMS VCL Chart v4.4.1.4 Full Source

DB-aware and non DB-aware feature-rich charting components for business, statistical, financial & scientific data.

TAdvChartView & TDBAdvChartView : fast multi-pane & DB-aware chart component
Single or multi pane chart view component
Vertical or horizontal oriented charts
Wide range of chart types: Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Spider, Donut, Band, Stacked Bars, Stacked Area, OHLC, CandleStick, Histogram, Bubble, Error, Digital Line, Funnel ...
Different bar shapes such as rectangle, cylinder and pyramid
X-axis with index of date/time unit indication
Linear or logarithmic Y-scale
Y-axis with auto ranging, minor & major value indication along Y-axis, multiple Y-axis values for different series supported
Support for annotations & legend
Panes with scrolling, scaling, splitter, drag & drop, synchronized scrolling with mouse or keyboard
Highly configurable crosshairs with value indication at series, Y-axis, tracker & crosshair support along multiple panes
Navigator bar to help for scrolling series along X-axis
Floating tracker window to see values at crosshairs
Configurable grid & bands
Configurable margins for chart & chart background image
Printing support, export to bitmap support
Support for persisting chart settings to file
Interface component to synchronise automatically with TAdvStringGrid / TDBAdvGrid
DB-aware panes and series
Includes TAdvChartViewPDFIO component to export Chart to PDF
Includes popup toolbar to configure series visuals (XE2 and newer)
TAdvGDIPChartView & TDBAdvGDIPChartView : GDI+ enabled multi-pane & DB-aware chart component
Advanced GDI+ enabled version of TAdvChartView
Anti-aliased chart drawing
Complex gradient support
Support charts with opacity & opacity gradients
Support for PNG images with alpha transparency for chart markers, textures
GDI+ hatches for chart fills
Shadows on bars, lines, areas, legend
Optional glass mirror effect support
Zoom control window with full scroll range
Export charts to .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF or .BMP files
Includes TAdvChartViewPDFIO component to export Chart to PDF
TAdvChartView3D : OpenGL 3D multi-serie chart component
High Quality OpenGL 3D Rendering
Optional AntiAliasing
Multiple Series
Pie Chart Type
Mouse Interaction
Export to image
Configurable values with optional image
Configurable legend & title
3D rotation support on X, Y and Z-Axis

Fixed : Issue with missing soaprtl package dependency


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