Download NexusDB v4.5 for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio

NexusDB v4.5 for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio

NexusDB v4.5 for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio
NexusDB v4.5 for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio

The NexusDB database engine for Delphi is our award winning flagship product. NexusDB is a royalty-free, SQL:2003 core compliant, Client/Server and Embedded database system, with features that rival other heavily licensed products. NexusDB introduces unique new features for Delphi developers while further improving on its core strengths stability, performance and flexibility.

Intuitive Developer Tools
Enterprise Manager - full-featured tool to create and maintain databases, tables and SQL queries, all within an integrated workspace
Database Importers - import tables from other databases (FlashFiler, BDE, ADO) into NexusDB tables. Full source included that easily adapts to other databases
Source converter assistant - helps convert FlashFiler source code into NexusDB compliant source

SQL Support
Standard SQL:2003 - statements supported
Triggers, Stored Procedures and Functions - fully implemented.
SQL/PSM Procedure Language - for server side programming.
Transaction Management and Referential Integrity - for professional data handling.
Fulltext Index Support - for fast data lookups.
ODBC Driver - access your data through industry standard ODBC
dbExpress Driver - use Borland's © components to query NexusDB

Flexibility of Deployment
Embedded - use NexusDB in your desktop applications; no dlls, COM objects or external dependencies
Client/Server Stand Alone - run as a networked server for your enterprise
Client/Server Windows Service - registered service with integrated event logging

Extraordinary Performance
Multi-Threaded Engine - utilizes Symmetric Multi-Processor systems to the fullest extent
New Memory Manager - maximizes allocation speed and minimizes fragmentation
Interchangeable data transports - optimized for deployment topology
Memory Tables - for the fastest possible data access

Client/Server Architecture
More Robust - server insulates physical data files from clients to prevent corruption
Increased Performance - server optimizes overall throughput
Better Scalability - can handle more simultaneous clients than file-based databases

Stability with Transaction Support
Snapshot Transactions - Unique to NexusDB, these transactions ensure that writers do not block readers
Fail-Safe Transactions - preserves the consistency of your data under the harshest of conditions with a complete two phase commit implementation
Nested Transactions - enables greater flexibility, clarity and encapsulation when using transactions

User connections - capable of hundreds of concurrent connections
Massive Data capacity - only limited by your OS and disk space; supports gigabytes of data comfortably
Record capacity - store millions of records effortlessly

Plugins - add new features to the core engine
Monitors/Extenders - intercept server events with Monitors and participate in their execution with Extenders
Sub-Engine registration - A NexusDB exclusive: customize storage, key comparisons, index structure, and many other aspects

Ease of use
TnxTable/TnxQuery support - Native and familiar Delphi interfaces to access your data
Data-aware control compatibility - supports TDataset
Report Writer compatibility - use RAVE, Report Builder, FastReport and others

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Online Backup - operates seamlessly in a 24/7 environment
Powerful Administration Tools - easy to use GUI management utilities included
Maintanence free - reuses buffers and automatically balances indexes
Royalty-free licensing - purchase NexusDB and use it without deployment or per user fees.

Transport connectivity
Real-Time Communication System - provide an advanced messaging system over any network
Multiple Protocols Supported - TCP/IP and Named Pipes implementations make choosing the right protocol easy

Login Security/Rights - server based rights makes sure your data is secure
Encryption - advanced interchangeable encryption algorithms keep your data safe on the server and over your network

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