Download TRichView 17.4 for 10.4 Sydney with Full Source

TRichView 17.4 for 10.4 Sydney with Full Source

TRichView 17.4 for 10.4 Sydney with Full Source
TRichView 17.4 for 10.4 Sydney with Full Source

TRichView is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components (VCL) for displaying, editing and printing hypertext documents. The components support various character attributes (fonts, subscripts/superscripts, colored text background, custom drawn). Documents can contain tables, pictures, images from imagelists, footnotes and endnotes, any Delphi controls. Left, right, center or justify paragraph allignment, custom margins and indents, multilevel bullets and numbering, background images, print preview, data-aware versions and more...

Using TRichView rich text control, you can create an RTF editor which is able to export documents in HTML and DocX formats.

TRichView is completely written in Delphi, it does not require external DLL or ActiveX files. It is not based on Microsoft RichEdit control. A registered version of the Package includes full source code.

TRichView VCL components support Unicode text not only in new versions of RAD Studio, but also in Delphi 5–2007 and C++Builder 6–2007.

List of Features
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Rich text and paragraph formatting
Custom fonts, colors, alignments, indents...
Images in documents
Gif animations, semitransparent Png images, bitmaps, metafiles, icons, jpegs, and more
Delphi/C++Builder controls in documents
Unique feature!
HTML-style tables with formatted contents in every cell
Bullets & numbering
Styles of text and paragraphs
Multi-language support
Multiple character sets, Unicode, bi-directional text
hypertext and related features
Hyperlinks, checkpoints, tags
Import and export, databases
Import from RTF, export to RTF, DocX (Microsoft Word Document) and HTML, PDF, and more
Special editing features
Undo and text protection
Printing with preview
Including live spelling with third-party spell checkers

Interactions with third-party products
You can use TRichView together with third-party components. For example, you can use Addict spelling checker with our editor to highlight misspelled words; or you can add TRichView objects in ReportBuilder reports; or you can use TRichView as an editor for cxGrid developed by Developer Express Inc.

Note: TRichView does not include neither a source code nor an object code of these third-party components. Copyright to these third-party components belongs to the respective owners.

Components in the Package
TRichView component for displaying hypertext
TRichViewEdit component for editing hypertext
TRVStyle collection of [DB]RichView[Edit]s' text and paragraph styles, etc.
TRVPrint component for printing [DB]RichView[Edit]s
TRVPrintPreview component for print preview of [DB]RichView[Edit]s
TDBRichView data-aware version of TRichView
TDBRichViewEdit data-aware version of TRichViewEdit
TRVOfficeConverter allows using text import and export converters from MicrosoftВ® Office
TRVReportHelper allows drawing RichView documents onto the specified Canvases

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