Download MiTeC System Information Component Suite v14.5.0 for D2006 - Delphi 10.4 Sydney Cracked

MiTeC System Information Component Suite v14.5.0 for D2006 - Delphi 10.4 Sydney Cracked

MiTeC System Information Component Suite v14.5.0 for D2006 - Delphi 10.4 Sydney Cracked
MiTeC System Information Component Suite v14.5.0 for D2006 - Delphi 10.4 Sydney Cracked

The most complex system information probe in Delphi world.

TMiTeC_SystemInfo gathers all following components to one for simple use
TMiTeC_AD explores ActiveDirectory
TMiTeC_APM provides informaton about Advanced Power Management
TMiTeC_BT detects Bluetooth devices using Native Bluetooth Enumerator)
TMiTeC_CPU provides detailed CPU information
TMiTeC_Devices provides devices information like Windows Device Manager
TMiTeC_Disk provides logical drive information
TMiTeC_Display provides display adapter information
TMiTeC_DMA provides direct memory acceess
TMiTeC_DriveContent scans and saves specified drive content
TMiTeC_Engines provides information about various installed engines
TMiTeC_EventLog digs information from Windows EventLog
TMiTeC_Firewall enumerates settings and rules from Windows Firewall, rule management functionality
TMiTeC_Machine provides informaton about computer or virtual machine, BIOS, TPM etc.
TMiTeC_Media provides media devices information
TMiTeC_Memory provides memory information
TMiTeC_Monitor provides all connected moitors information
TMiTeC_MSProduct detects some Microsoft products installed and their product keys
TMiTeC_MUS detects available Windows updates (MicrosoftUpdateSession)
TMiTeC_Network provides network card info, TCP/IP ad Winsock config, installed protocols, clients and services.
TMiTeC_OperatingSystem provides OS detailed information, Locale, Timezone, NT specific info, hotfixes, internet settings etc.
TMiTeC_Printers detects installed printers and their properties
TMiTeC_ProcessList collects list of running processes, services, drivers and windows and their properties
TMiTeC_Security detects installed AntiViruses, AntiSpyware and Firewalls
TMiTeC_SMBIOS reads SMBIOS information from memory
TMiTeC_Software provides list of installed software
TMiTeC_Startup provides list of applications that are started during system startup
TMiTeC_Storage detects S-ATA, ATA, ATAPI, RAID, SCSI, USB, Firewire storage devices and their parameters
TMiTeC_USB detects USB ports and devices and their parameters
TMiTeC_WIFI detects available Wi-Fi networks with all their parameters

TMiTeC_DeviceMonitor detects and fires event whenever any usb, firewire etc. device or volume is connected or disconnected to machine.
TMiTeC_DiskMonitor watches specified drive or path and fires event when specified event occurs

TProcMonThread monitors given process via its Process IDentifier and provides basic process properties, memory, CPU and I/O process usage, enumerates process threads with their runtime properties.
TProcListMonThread monitors running processes in real-time and provides process properties, memory and CPU process usage, etc.
TSysMonThread monitors system and provides basic properties and CPU, memory and disks usage
TSysModListMonThread monitors system modules in real-time and provides their properties
TNetConMonThread monitors network connections by processes in real-time and provides their properties
TPerfMonThread monitors performance counters in real-time and provides their properties
THndListMonThread monitors system handles in real-time and provides their properties

TMiTeC_NetCreds provides cached network credentials enumeration.
TMiTeC_USBHistory USB usage detection component
TMiTeC_WLANC known Wi-Fi networks enumeration (including network keys)

+ MSI_SysProcMon - Added process username to sampling data
+ TMiTeC_Display - added GPU property indicating GPU presence
* TMiTeC_CPU - fixed cpu core and thread count detection
+ TMiTeC_CPU - added SocketCount and SocketDesignation properties
* TMiTeC_SMBIOS - fixed cache size detection when its size exceeding word boundary

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