Download Fast Report FMX 2.8.2 from July 12, 2021 for Sydney

Fast Report FMX 2.8.2 from July 12, 2021 for Sydney

Fast Report FMX 2.8.2 from July 12, 2021 for Sydney
Fast Report FMX 2.8.2 from July 12, 2021 for Sydney

Multiplatform Report Generator for macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, compatible with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE (FMX library). Report generator FastReport FMX is the first multiplatform solution that integrates Business Intelligence into software based on the Embarcadero FireMonkey IDE (Delphi for MS Windows, Linux, and macOS).

Now you can also create business applications for macOS users.

You will get a powerful tool for your business applications that allows the creation and printing of documents under popular PC operating systems.

Main features of FastReport FMX:

Report Data
From any Database. FastReport works with all the databases which are available in FireMonkey
From Users' data. Applications can also be used as the data source

Report Design

Visual report designer. Full-featured modern report editor with a huge set of tools for visually creating, tuning, and editing report templates
Easy and clear classic interface
Separate tabs for "report design", "data", and "code"
Objects: shape, chart, line, table, "flag", picture, gradient, cross-tab, bar-code (including 2D), etc.
Report Engine

FastReport is specifically optimized and tested for the production of reports for real businesses! If your customers want to get reports fast then FastReport is the thing! The single report generator kernel offers all of the following:

Band-oriented report generator. Wide choice of band types allows multi-level report banding
Code-based reports
Multipage and multitemplate reports
Cross-tabs allow building of tabular reports with complex structures, from one data source
Interactivity. Dialogue forms, drill-down reports, call daughter report by clicking in the preview window
Internal interpretator (FastScript) with 4 programming languages: PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript and JScript
And all of this can be combined in one report!

Report Output

In the Preview window
Sending to a printer
Exporting through a range of filters:
PDF (internal in macOS), TXT, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, HTML, ODS, ODT and CSV.

Flexibility and International Configuration

Flexible architecture. If you need more functionality from FastReport you can achieve it by creating and connecting your own objects, export filters, functions, and DB engines
UNICODE. Reports can be based on any language
Localization. The FastReport interface is localized for 32 languages
Sources. The Licence comes with the full source code for FastReport. Very convenient for adaptation

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