Download EurekaLog v7.9.5.0 for D7/Tokyo/Rio/Sydney Patched (32/64bit)

EurekaLog v7.9.5.0 for D7/Tokyo/Rio/Sydney Patched (32/64bit)

EurekaLog v7.9.5.0 for D7/Tokyo/Rio/Sydney Patched (32/64bit)
EurekaLog v7.9.5.0 for D7/Tokyo/Rio/Sydney Patched (32/64bit)

EurekaLog is the new Delphi and C++Builder exception tracer tool that gives your application (GUI, Console, Web, etc.) the power to catch all exceptions, memory leaks and detect infinite-loops and deadlocks. It generates a detailed log with the call stack at the point that raised the exception, showing unit, class, method and line number, (see this example), and displays it on screen and optionally sends it back to you via email or to a Web Server (using the HTTP-S/FTP protocols or sending directly to your preferred "Web Bug Tracker" software), thus helping speed up the process of bug-location and resolution by a factor of 10!

EurekaLog is easy to use because it's fully integrated into the IDE - just enable EurekaLog for your application and rebuild your application to add EurekaLog's features. EurekaLog does not affect application performance (it runs only when an exception occurs) and increases compiled file size by just 0.5% - 4% (it uses this space to store some additional, compressed and encrypted debugging information). You do not need to distribute any additional files with your EurekaLog-enabled application.

EurekaLog is compatible with:
Delphi 3*
Delphi 4
Delphi 5
Delphi 6
Delphi 7
Delphi 2005
C++Builder 5*
C++Builder 6
Developer Studio 2006
RAD Studio 2007
RAD Studio 2009
RAD Studio 2010
RAD Studio XE
RAD Studio XE2
RAD Studio XE3
RAD Studio XE4
RAD Studio XE5
RAD Studio XE6
RAD Studio XE7
RAD Studio XE8
RAD Studio 10 Seattle
RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo
RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney
(including Personal, Turbo and Starter editions).

EurekaLog works on:
Windows 95*
Windows 98*
Windows ME*
Windows NT*
Windows 2000
Windows XP (x32 and x64)
Windows Vista (x32 and x64)
Windows 7 (x32 and x64)
Windows 8 (x32 and x64)
Windows 8.1 (x32 and x64)
Windows 10 (x32 and x64)
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008 (x32 and x64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (x32 and x64)
Windows Server 2012 (x32 and x64)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (x32 and x64).
EurekaLog supports:
Win32 platform
Win64 platform
EurekaLog supports:
VCL framework
CLX (Qt) framework
FMX (FireMonkey) framework
* Note: Delphi 3 and Windows 95-NT are supported only by EurekaLog 4-6. EurekaLog 7 is the current and most recent version of EurekaLog. With EurekaLog, you also get free access to licenses for older versions: EurekaLog 4, EurekaLog 5, and EurekaLog 6. Download links to installers of earlier versions will be available in your control panel after purchase. Please note that old versions are no longer developed nor supported. They are provided only for backward compatibility purposes. You can use them, if you need support old systems (Delphi 3, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT).

EurekaLog 7.9 update 5 (, 30 August 2021
1. Added: Support for RAD Studio 11 (BETA)
2. Added: Additional protection for passwords inside executables and options
3. Added: EurekaLog's configurations now have desriptions. You can enter descriptions for custom configs when saving/exporting options
4. Added: UI option to disable EurekaLog on RAD Studio 2007 and earlier (as base config only, will not work for profiles)
5. Added: Ability (option) to partially match exception message in exception filters
6. Fixed: Issues with exception filters saving
7. Fixed: Cues in options dialog on ANSI IDEs
8. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Crash when reporting memory errors after EurekaLog shutdowns
9. Fixed: Rare wrong error message for failed dialog
10. Changed: Injected options are now packed by default even if debug information is not

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