Download EhLib 10.1 Build 10.1.029 Professional Edition with Full Source

EhLib 10.1 Build 10.1.029 Professional Edition with Full Source

EhLib 10.1 Build 10.1.029 Professional Edition with Full Source
EhLib 10.1 Build 10.1.029 Professional Edition with Full Source

The Library contains components and classes for Borland Delphi versions 7, 9,
Developer Studio 2006, Delphi 2007, Embarcadero RAD Studio 2009-XE10.4, Lazarus.

Provides all functionality of TDBGrid and adds several new features as follows:
Allows to select records, columns and rectangle areas.
Special titles that can correspond to several/all columns.
Footer that is able to show sum/count/other field values.
Automatic column resizing to set grid width equal client width.
Ability to change row and title height.
Allows automatic broken of a single line..

TPrintDBGridEh provides properties and routines for preview and print of TDBGridEh component with several features:
Ability to expand rows vertically until all text is printed.
Ability to scale grid to fit it to page width.
Ability to print/preview title for grid.
Ability to print/preview page header and page footer where you can specify macros for current page, current date, current time and/or

Component to show one record from dataset in Vertical Orientation.
Have a special column to show Field Captions
Can customize inplace editor and data of the cell like in DBGridEh.

Provides all functionality of TDBLookupCombobox and adds several new features as follows:
Can have flat style.
Allows assign values as to KeyValue property just and to display Text property.
Allows to type (assign) values to Text property not contained in data list (Style = csDropDownEh).
Allows to hold KeyValue and Text as not affecting to each other values.
Take effect when KeyField, ListField,

TPrinterPreview lets you to record printable data in buffer for following output them on screen and to printer. TPrinterPreview have all functions and properties as in TPrinter object. You can use TPrinterPreview object similarly of TPrinter except some details. In TPrinter Printer.Canvas.Handle and Printer.Handle is the same but in TPrinterPreview PrinterPreview.Canvas.Handle represent the.

Using the library, you will receive:

Maximum of enclosed functional during the work with tabular data.
Time saving for developer display your data in the right format without writing software code.
Fast and intuitive exploration of the library.
Great number of examples, instructions and help-files.
High speed of applications development involves a special optimization stage of speed for each component of library.
Easy debug final product. EhLib is 100% native VCL library written in Delphi language.
As a result the user will receive an understandable, beautiful and easy-to-use interface with impressive features of information processing.

What's new in version 10.0

+ Methods for fast loading data from various DataSets into TMemTableEh.
+ Ability to load Xlsx files into the TXlsMemFileEh class.
+ The capabilities of the TXlsMemFileEh class have been expanded: Grouping of rows, Parameters of rows (Height, Visibility), Scale, Printing parameters, etc.
+ Extended version DBGridEh unloading procedures to Xlsx file.
+ Extended version of DBGridEh unloading procedures to a text file.
+ Search history in DBGridEh.SeachPanel.
+ High DPI monitors support.

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