Download TMS FlexCel for VCL & FMX v7.15.0.0 Full Source for RAD Studio XE - RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

TMS FlexCel for VCL & FMX v7.15.0.0 Full Source for RAD Studio XE - RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

TMS FlexCel for VCL & FMX v7.15.0.0 Full Source for RAD Studio XE - RAD Studio 11 Alexandria
TMS FlexCel for VCL & FMX v7.15.0.0 Full Source for RAD Studio XE - RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

Powerful, extensive & flexible component suite for native Excel report & file generation & manipulation for VCL & FireMonkey.

FlexCel for VCL / FireMonkey is a suite of Delphi components allowing to manipulate Excel files. It includes an extensive API allowing to natively read/write Excel files. If you need to read or create complex spreadsheets, on Windows or macOS on machines without Excel installed, Flexcel can do the job.
Support for cross platform use: Win32, Win64, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux
100% Native support for creating Excel .XLS, .XLSX, .XLSM file formats (Excel 97 - Excel 2019)
100% Native support for reading Excel 2 - Excel 2019 files
100% Native PDF report generation from .XLS/.XLSX files (PDF/A 1, 2 and 3 support)
100% Native support for previewing and printing .XLS/.XLSX files
Fully standards compliant HTML 5 file generation from .XLS/.XLSX files
Export .XLS & .XLSX files to SVG
Report Engine that allows to create complex reports using Excel as your report designer, so your final users can modify them. You can use images/comments/conditional formats/merged cells/pivot tables/charts and almost anything you can think of on those reports
Support for formula recalculation supporting over 300 Excel functions
ApiMate tool for automatically showing needed Delphi/C++ code for generating specific .XLS/.XLSX file cells with Flexcel
Templates can be embedded inside your exe. No additional files to distribute
Can write images/comments/conditional formats/merged cells/pivot tables/charts and almost the complete Excel feature set in native mode
Designed from start to make full use of modern Delphi features like records with methods or generics.
Also available as a fully managed .NET library
Fully documented. FlexCel has a documentation center with guides, tips, full reference for every method and more than 50 working examples to help you get started.

New : You can now run reports on TList like TList
New : Support for functions MAP, REDUCE, SCAN, MAKEARRAY, BYROW, and BYCOL
New : Support for functions FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, and UNIQUE
New : New SHEET VISIBLE tag that allows to change the visibility of a sheet in a report
New : Experimental Lazarus support
New : Ability to change the newline separator when exporting to CSV or Fixed-lenght text files
Improved : Support for Array formulas, UDFs, external names and Lambda names in Tokens
Improved : Improved behavior when inside Docker containers
Improved : Function "INDEX" is now array-enabled
Fixed : When third-party files had invalid modify/creation dates, FlexCel would refuse to open them. Now it will just ignore invalid dates and let those properties empty.
Fixed : There could be errors in some specific cases when copying sheets from one file to another which had linked formulas.
Fixed : The limit for custom formats in xls files was in 4000 when it really is 4050. We've updated FlexCel to allow 4050 custom formats when saving as xls.
Fixed : The functions SWITCH and IFS could fail is some border cases.
Fixed : The [TYPE]( function didn't return 128 for lambda functions.
Fixed : Sometimes RenderObjects would not render the images. See
Fixed : Some files containing khmer characters (or other complex scripts) could raise an exception when exporting to pdf.
Fixed : Cells with diagonal borders, but borders style set to none could be rendered by FlexCel in some cases.
Fixed : Bubble charts could render bubbles of the wrong size if there were empty points in the chart data with bubble size different from 0.
Fixed : APIMate generated some code with invalid syntax in C++.

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