Download TMS XData v5.7 Full Source for Delphi XE2- Delphi 11 Alexandria

TMS XData v5.7 Full Source for Delphi XE2- Delphi 11 Alexandria

TMS XData v5.7 Full Source for Delphi XE2- Delphi 11 Alexandria
TMS XData v5.6 Full Source for Delphi XE2- Delphi 11 Alexandria

Delphi framework for multi-tier REST/JSON HTTP/HTTPS application server development and ORM remoting.

Feature overview
Server based on REST/JSON architecture style
Easily accessible from different client platforms like .NET, Java, jаvascript, since it's REST/JSON based
Uses standard POST, GET, PUT and DELETE HTTP methods for data request and data modification operations
Partial update of objects (PATCH)
Full-featured query mechanism
Multi-Model design makes it easy to create multiple servers with different mapping, types and service operations
Service Operations allow adding custom business logic to your server using interfaces and methods
Well-defined JSON representation of resources including entities, associations, streams and proxies
Support for streams (blobs)
Several databases supported in back end: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird, etc.. (through TMS Aurelius)
Design based on standard OData protocol
Based on TMS Sparkle HTTP/HTPS server architecture, which provides:
HTTP(s) server based on Windows http.sys stack
Support for HTTP Secure (HTTPS)
Kernel-mode caching and kernel-mode request queuing (less overhead in context switching)
Multiple applications/process can share (respond) the same port (at different addresses)
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support in kernel-mode

Example of an Aurelius class mapped:
[Entity, Automapping]  
TCustomer = class  
strict private  
  FId: integer;  
  FName: string;  
  FTitle: string;  
  FBirthday: TDateTime;  
  FCountry: TCountry;  
  property Id: Integer read FId write FId;  
  property Name: string read FName write FName;  
  property Title: string read FTitle write FTitle;  
  property Birthday: TDateTime read FDateTime write FDateTime;  
  property Country: TCountry read FCountry write FCountry;  

XData enables access via a simple HTTP GET:
GET /tms/xdata/Customer(3) HTTP/1.1  
Host: server:2001  

Example JSON representation of the customer object returned in the body of HTTP response:
  "$id": 1, 
  "@xdata.type": "XData.Default.Customer", 
  "Id": 3, 
  "Name": "Maria Anders", 
  "Title": "Sales Representative", 
  "Birthday": "1980-05-20", 
  "Country": null 

Use a HTTP POST to create new objects, HTTP DELETE to remove objects, HTTP PUT or HTTP PATCH to update objects.

Example: Change the value of Title property of the customer resource:
PATCH /tms/xdata/Customer(1) HTTP/1.1  
Host: server:2001  
  "Title": "Marketing Manager"  

Easily perform queries on existing objects.

Example of retrieving customers with country name equal to "USA", ordered by customer's name:
GET /tms/xdata/Customer?$filter=Country/Name eq 'USA'&$orderby=Name&$top=10 HTTP/1.1  
Host: server:2001  

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