Download MlSkin v5.3 for D7-D11 Alexandria Patched (32 Bit)

MlSkin v5.3 for D7-D11 Alexandria Patched (32 Bit)

MlSkin v5.3 for D7-D11 Alexandria Patched (32 Bit)
MlSkin v5.3 for D7-D11 Alexandria Patched (32 Bit)

MLSkin is a skin component under Delphi, inherited based on Delphi standard components, and extends a lot of practical attribute functions for developers to call; in use, there is little difference between the standard VCL components, but the display style is very different, it can easily achieve the effect like QQ skin, and want to change the display The style you want to do is just to reload a picture; most of the components in it can be used alone, without the need to rely on the skin of the form, the display effect can be customized, very flexible; the current set of skin components provides more than 50 common components, more than 20 practical Demo, can be very convenient and quick implementation of you The effect you want.


Support one touch skin, you can set the picture and color into the background of the form. The hue, saturation and brightness of the skin can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The original picture resource management library can quickly and conveniently manage the pictures needed in the program.
The unique image resource attribute supports the direct use of the detailed path of picture ID or local image file to call image resources.
Easy to achieve the shadow of the form, the shape of the special form effect, simple to only need to set up two pictures.
You can add any number of pictures, buttons and text on the form title bar.
Memo, Edit, ListView and other components support transparent background, the border effect can be customized, add the commonly used search box and password input box.
Redefined Toolbar, showing very beautiful style, and supporting horizontal and vertical display.
Menu beautification, transparent effect, as long as you set up a picture, you can make your menu style different.
You can display MainMenu on the title bar and display the location that you can customize.
Almost all components can set their display styles individually, and most of the container components can set their Alpha values.
It contains several components missing from standard VCL components: ColorButton, SwitchButton, and so on.
It provides 20 practical Demo. By learning them, you can quickly make a cool program interface.

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