Download /n Software SecureBlackbox 2022 Delphi Edition v22.0.8520

/n Software SecureBlackbox 2022 Delphi Edition v22.0.8520

/n Software SecureBlackbox 2022 Delphi Edition v22.0.8520
/n Software SecureBlackbox 2022 Delphi Edition v22.0.8520

Software components for Data Protection, Secure Storage, and Secure Transfer. Trusted in high security, mission critical applications for decades.

SecureBlackbox includes a wide variety of powerful data protection, secure storage, and secure transfer components. Designed for use in the most demanding conditions, the components provide the best possible performance while offering granular control over all security options. Some of the world's most recognized companies have integrated SecureBlackbox into their mission critical applications for the past 25+ years.

Product Features

Full TLS 1.3 support across the board.
Support for the latest revisions of XAdES, CAdES, PAdES, and ASiC standards.
SAML identity and service provider servers.
Advanced certificate management tools, including PKCS11 and KMIP.
A complete unified framework with a common, easy-to-learn object model and simplified interfaces enable you to do more.
Simple-to-use OCSP and TSP servers.
Private key sharing and remote access via Distributed Cryptography technology.
Client and server-side support for major Internet protocols including FTP, HTTP, SFTP, WebDAV, REST, SMTP, and POP3.
Delphi Edition FMX support for cross-platform development.
Components are thread-safe on critical members.
Fast, robust, reliable components that consume minimal resources.
Native development components for all supported platforms and technologies.
Rigorously tested, rock solid libraries that have undergone hundreds of thousands of hours of testing both internally by our QA team and externally through customer installations.
Detailed reference documentation, sample applications, fully-indexed help files, and an extensive online knowledge base.
Backed by multi-tier professional support, including free email support and enterprise-level paid support.

Delphi VCL Components

Native Delphi VCL components with no external dependencies. It features the same trustworthy components that come with other editions, available as native Delphi VCLs for real Delphi performance.

Native Delphi VCL and FMX components.
Extensive Delphi demo applications.
Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
Support for Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal.
Support for all Delphi versions between Delphi 6 and RAD Studio 11.
Support for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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