Download Devart UniDAC Professional v10.0 for Delphi 11.3 Alexandria

Devart UniDAC Professional v10.0 for Delphi 11.3 Alexandria

Devart UniDAC Professional v10.0 for Delphi 11.3 Alexandria
Devart UniDAC Professional v10.0 for Delphi 11.3 Alexandria

Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) is a powerful library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, and Lazarus (Free Pascal). We have combined the experience of long-term successful development into one product, which provides unified access to the popular database servers like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, Microsoft Access, Sybase Advantage Database Server, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, and other databases (using ODBC provider).

UniDAC offers unified approach to the database-related applications development process. That means you can switch easily between different databases in your projects without going deep into their specifics.

Using UniDAC with its server-independent interface is the best way to create cross-database applications. UniDAC gives outstanding flexibility and independence to your projects.

Server-Aware Providers
UniDAC chooses the best way specific to the server to perform most operations. Every UniDAC data provider uses server-specific native connectivity. All operations with data are performed by providers automatically considering the selected database server peculiarities.

Cross-Platform Solution for Delphi, C++Builder, and Lazarus
UniDAC is a cross-platform solution for developing applications using various IDEs: RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus (and FPC) on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, and FreeBSD for both x86 and x64 platforms. UniDAC also provides support for the FireMonkey platform, which allows you to develop visually spectacular high-performance desktop and mobile native applications.

Server-Independent SQL
When developing database applications that allow working with several databases, one of the key points is writing of server-independent SQL. In UniDAC, the server-independent SQL support is implemented by means of the powerful macros engine, that produces dynamic SQL by replacing parts of the query statements with user-defined code.

10.0.0 15-Nov-23

Added support for RAD Studio 12
Added support for macOS Sonoma
Added support for iOS 17
Added support for Android 13
Added support for nested Macros in SQL queries
Added support Display Format for Aggregate fields
Added SHA-2(SHA-256, SHA-512) in hash algorithm for encryption
Added support for DBMonitor in the VirtualQuery component
Added support for storing AutoInc fields when saving TVirtualTable to XML
Fixed bug with moving the cursor when using Aggregate fields
Fixed bug with deleting a record when using Aggregated fields
Fixed bug with storing empty Aggregates collection in DFM
Fixed bug with AV when installing a package in the IDE
Fixed bug with AV in the CloneCursor method of the dataset
Fixed bug with using Aggregated and InternalCalc fields together
Fixed bug with duplicate resource IDs in CBuilder
Fixed bug with using "NOT Field LIKE" construction in Filter property
Fixed bug "Assertion failure" when using TVirtualDataSet
Fixed bug with reading MySQL fields of type "bigint" to TVirtualQuery
Fixed bug with incorrect results in the TVirtualQuery when COLLATE NOCASE is used
Fixed bug with a memory leak on closing an application after using TVirtualQuery
Fixed bug with saving/loading fields with Unicode names in the VirtualTable component
Fixed bug with assigning a VirtualTable component that has persistent fields
Fixed bug with editing a source dataset after reopening TVirtualQuery
Fixed bug with inserting BLOBs using TVirtualQuery

Oracle data provider

Added support for Oracle 23c
Improved UnicodeEnvironment support for non-Unicode Delphi versions
Fixed bug with "Range check error" error on describing FLOAT parameters in Stored Procedure

SQLServer data provider

Added support for SQL Server 2022
Added support for LastInsertID
Added DisableConstraints specific option for the Dump component
Added AddDateTimeFormat specific option for the Dump component
Fixed bug with a zero-valued LastInsertID result
Fixed bug with connecting to default instance
Fixed bug with "Wrong amount of parameters N in TableName" when the TableName contains spaces
Fixed bug with detecting parameter names

MySQL data provider

Added support for MariaDB 11
Added support for mysql_clear_password authentication mechanism
Fixed bug with writing BLOB when using the SJIS charset
Fixed bug with connecting to MySQL 8 by a user with an empty password using mysql_native_password authentication mechanism

PostgreSQL data provider

Added support for PostgreSQL 16
Added support for PREPARE/EXECUTE commands
Added several specific options for the Dump component
Fixed bug with an "SSL function is not linked" exception
Fixed bug working with schemas in the connection pool
Fixed bug with adding a condition to the WHERE clause on calling RefreshRecord
Fixed bug with SCARM-SHA-256 certificates

InterBase data provider

Added support for iOS Simulator ARM 64-bit target platform
Fixed bug with cutting value for VARCHAR columns with length greater than 255 when LongStrings = False and UseUnicode = True
Fixed bug with the 'GetDatabaseParameters' assertion when connecting to the server
Fixed bug with loading Unicode strings by TUniLoader when EnableMemos is True
Fixed bug with memory leaks in TUniLoader when using BLOB fields
Fixed bug with internal transaction handling when executing the Commit method returns an error
Fixed bug with insert\update ARRAY fields data

SQLite data provider

Now the Direct mode is based on version 3.42.0 of the SQLite engine
Fixed bug with incorrect execution of a SQL statement that contains a comment at the end
Fixed bug with the ambiguity of "size_t" declaration when compiling in CBuilder

DBF data provider

Performance of DML operations is significantly improved
Added support for CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS and DROP TABLE IF EXISTS statements
Added support for the CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statement
Fixed bug with "DBFData seek error" when reading more than 2147483647 bytes
Fixed bug with incorrect results of a SELECT statement with JOIN of a table to itself
Fixed bug with incorrect results of a SELECT statement with WHERE on a character field
Fixed bug with data conversion when using YEAR, MONTH, and DAY functions

NexusDB data provider

Added support of NexusDB 4.75.01 (NexusDB provider)

MongoDB data provider

Added support for MongoDB 7
Added support for MongoDB 6
Added support for empty database name when establishing connection
Improved compatibility with Linked Server in MSSMS
Fixed bug with document fields whose name contains quote characters

ODBC data provider

Information from SQLGetInfo is added to ODBCMetaData (ODBC provider)

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