Download Woll2Woll FirePower X3 v15.0.0.1 for Delphi 12 Athens

Woll2Woll FirePower X3 v15.0.0.1 for Delphi 12 Athens

Woll2Woll FirePower X3 v15.0.0.1 for Delphi 12 Athens
Woll2Woll FirePower X3 v15.0.0.1 for Delphi 12 Athens

Bring state of the art FireMonkey components to RAD Studio's FMX library. FirePower includes the most powerful and intuitive multi-platform grids and controls for Delphi.

Build ONE Amazing App for All Your Devices

Woll2Woll Firepower has tremendous advantages as it comes with the most intuitive and powerful components for RAD Studio FireMonkey. You can build one powerful and expressive app that runs smoothly on all your devices: iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Linux Systems (using FMXLinux), and MacBooks and Windows computers.

You'll be amazed how quickly you can develop without compromising on performance and capabilities. Not only will your user interface be intuitive and fast for each platform, it will be so much more effortless and enjoyable to develop.

FirePower comes with expressive grids, edit controls, list boxes, combos, searching and filtering, validation rules, record panels, mobile extensions, enhanced sharing services, activity dialogs, and so much more.

Build professional user-interfaces!
FirePower comes with the most critical components for building professional desktop and mobile user-interfaces with Delphi FireMonkey. Central to our component suite design for FireMonkey are two powerful and flexible data-aware grids, list boxes, transition record viewers, and a complement of many high-end editors, combos, and lookup and filtering components. Its capabilities are too numerous to mention here, but you can see a detailed overview of FirePower components here.​ Also take a look at our BLOG to get insight and tutorials on using FireMonkey and FirePower in your applications.

Recently Added in FirePower
FirePower brings Master/Detail expandable grids and a host of enhancements regarding integration of images into the controls. Switch controls and image combos have integrated images in the most natural and efficient way possible. See the FirePower overview for more details.

Also Recently added
Image effects, background images and tiles, WYSIWIG IDE Layout Editing, RecordView Headers and Lines, a new button control,new trackbar controls with inversion, tick marks, labels, multiple thumbs to select ranges, and the ability to use your own images for the thumbs.

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