DownloadFMX Linux v1.75 Retail

FMXLinux v1.75 Retail

FMXLinux v1.75 Retail
FMXLinux v1.75 Retail

FireMonkey implementation for Linux
Start building UI Linux apps with Embarcadero Delphi and FmxLinux


FmxLinux is a toolchain that permits the development Linux application using Embarcadero Linux compiler and FMX.

Conceptually, FmxLinux is a combination of two major components:

Runtime: Brand-new implementations of FireMonkey for Linux, tightly integrated with the native linux runtime.
Design Time Management: An IDE expert which allows to add Linux platform to FMX project and setup it with FmxLinux.

Unsupported Linux

FMXLinux doesn't work properly on some Linux distros. Here is known list:

AstroLinux Smolensk 1.6 because of non-standard version of GTK+ (Works fine on AstroLinux CE)
ElementatyOS because of issue with GTK+ app and Pantheon desktop

Here is a link to list of compatibility tests: ControlsDemo test on different Linux systems

FmxLinux requires Embarcadero Delphi with Linux development add-on. It works with all Delphi versions since Tokyo.

Version 1.75
Added: Delphi 12 support
Added: Painting to PDF using TLinuxCanvas
RSP-41299: FMX for Linux Clipboard crash

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