Download TMS FNC UI Pack v5.4.0.0 Full Source

TMS FNC UI Pack v5.4.0.0 Full Source

TMS FNC UI Pack v5.4.0.0 Full Source
TMS FNC UI Pack v5.4.0.0 Full Source

Universal powerful, feature-rich Delphi & C++ Builder UI controls in 1 component set for VCL, FMX and WEB core apps. Includes grid, planner, treeview, ribbon and rich editor.

Feature-rich & high performance grid
Take your application to the next level with data visualization features such as filtering, sorting and grouping. Use the easy data binding functionality as well as the ability to export to PDF, HTML and XLS.

Import and export
Import Excel, CSV and data from a dataset and export to HTML, PDF and many more

Organize your data
Organize your data in multiple columns and rows with the ability to group, sort, move and hide columns and rows. Dynamically merge and split cells as well as add various methods to calculate and visualize data manipulations

Intuitive look & feel
Change every little detail via built-in appearance layouts and custom drawing events. Configure and apply cell layouts for different states

Powerful workflow visualization kanban board
Empower your workflow with fully customizable multi-column visualization of your daily tasks.

Filtering & Sorting
Optional built-in filtering & sorting allows you to quickly identify tasks and move them to the appropriate task column

Drag & Drop
Moving tasks is as easy as dragging them to the column of choice, which also fully integrates with the separately available database adapter

Flexible multi-column tree view
High performance virtual and collection based node structure with various customization possibilities.

Interaction capabilities
Built-in support for various column editors as well as the ability to add your own custom editor class. Navigate through the content with flexible mouse & keyboard settings

Sorting & Filtering
Organize and visualize your data with various filtering and sorting options

Ribbon style toolbar
Design modern user interfaces with the multi-page ribbon. Easily change the look and feel with one of the pre-defined themes.

Theming & Layout
Multiple pre-defined themes with custom theming capabilities. Optional auto-layout with collapsing / floating pages

Core Elements
The ribbon is based on a existing FNC components such as the toolbar, page-control and a couple of toolbar buttons & pickers

Cross-platform syntax highlighting memo powered by Monaco (Visual Studio Code editor).

Full design-time & run-time integration with powerful features including breakpoints, code completion, find & replace and more.

Syntax colorization support for over 80 programming languages & full IntelliSense support for browser based languages such as jаvascript, HTML, CSS.

New : Minimum Column Width added in TTMSFNCTreeView to use with stretching
New : Introducing TTMSFNCFindDialog TTMSFNCReplaceDialog and TTMSFNCPageSlider
Improved : RTF parsing in TTMSFNCRichEditor
Fixed : RegisterRuntimeClasses added for TTMSFNCProgressBar and TTMSFNCRating
Fixed : Issue with width and height in numeric and cellphone keyboard types in TTMSFNCTouchKeyboard
Fixed : Issue with mEntireWord filter setting for TTMSFNCSearchList TTMSFNCSearchEdit
Fixed : Issue with loading sources in TMS WEB Core in TTMSFNCMemo
Fixed : Issue with icon resolution in TTMSFNCTaskDialog
Fixed : Issue with frames and TTMSFNCPageControl
Fixed : Issue with adding custom items to TTMSFNCSpinner at design-time
Fixed : Access violation moving/copying items in iOS in TTMSFNCTableView

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