Download TMS GraphQL v1.4 Full Source for Delphi 10 Seattle - Delphi 12 Athens

TMS GraphQL v1.4 Full Source for Delphi 10 Seattle - Delphi 12 Athens

TMS GraphQL v1.4 Full Source for Delphi 10 Seattle - Delphi 12 Athens
TMS GraphQL v1.4 Full Source for Delphi 10 Seattle - Delphi 12 Athens

Spec-compliant GraphQL library for Delphi.

Feature overview
Full GraphQL document parser with support to:
Full spec-compliant document lexer;
Executable documents and type definition documents;
Selection sets;
Field aliases;
Fragments (including inline and type conditions);
Input values;
All types supported (Int, String, Object, etc.);
Type references (List, Non-Null);
GraphQL schema supporting the following types:
Query and Mutation root types;
Scalars: Int, Float, String, Boolean and ID;
Objects, field arguments and field deprecation;
Input objects;
List types;
Non-null types;
Directives, including @skip, @include and @deprecated.
Full Introspection support;
Full Validation support;
Spec-compliant GraphQL document execution (*)
Execute a GraphQL document based on a schema and retrieve results;
Execution strictly following GraphQL specification;
Skip/include directives handling;
Selection set execution;
Fields and variables values coercion;
Field resolvers and abstract type resolvers;
Proper error handling in response with precise error location and extensions;
Automatic field resolver binding using RTTI.
GraphQL over HTTP:
GraphQL HTTP handler compliant to upcoming GraphQL over HTTP specification;
WebBroker dispatcher component:
Support for Windows and Linux servers (**);
Deploy with Apache, IIS, FastCGI, Standalone (***);
Automatic JSON serialization/deserialization.
GraphQL Playground IDE built-in:
Execute queries and debug your GraphQL server from web easily by enabling GraphQL Playground;
Fully customizable (light/dark theme, title, etc.).
Fully extensible:
Abstract HTTP request/response allows using the GraphQL HTTP handler with any Delphi HTTP framework;
Inheritable schema types allows creating your GraphQL types, including scalars.
Extensive documentation including full API reference.
Supports from Delphi 10 Seattle up to the latest available Delphi version.
Platforms support: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.
Premium support.

New : Delphi 12 support.
New : Added support for type extensions in GraphQL parser.
New : Added support for TMS Sparkle, allowing to create GraphQL servers using Sparkle instead of Web Broker.
Improved : Responses are being cached for increased performance.
Improved : New TFieldResolver?Args.?Arguments property provides information about the field arguments.
Improved : Improved performance for retrieval of introspection information from the server.
Fixed : Empty lists were being rejected for non-null lists.

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