Download FastCube 2023.2 VCL Enterprise Full Source for D10.4, D11, D12 Athens

FastCube 2023.2 VCL Enterprise Full Source for D10.4, D11, D12 Athens

FastCube 2023.2 VCL Enterprise Full Source for D10.4, D11, D12 Athens
FastCube 2023.2 VCL Enterprise Full Source for D10.4, D11, D12 Athens

It is not just a new generation of “Decision Cube” and much more than Pivot Grid control, it is a powerful high-speed standalone OLAP-cube engine! Integrate FastCube OLAP-library to your application, prepare data (or several data sets) that will be necessary for your end-users, and bring Business Intelligence directly into your application! Give freedom of report creation to your end-users – support them in getting reasonable decisions!

Connecting to Data sources for OLAP
Preparation of necessary for end-user data set before analysis is an important part of OLAP. We did our best to make it as comfortable as possible. Use the whole variety of possibilities of data preparation!

Let your users pivot data as they need!
Rich toolset for interactive data analysis turns boring data routine into a fulfilling task

Data visualisation & reporting
Visualize the data displayed in the FastCube pivot grid by using charts and allow your users to create reports with efficient data representation

Data Shaping & Processing
FastCube transforms complex information from data sources into a compact and summarized report so that your application can effectively deal with challenges of business analysis needs in real time.

UI Customization
Full UI customization and native integration into your business application

Integration of OLAP-control with other components of your application
Use synergy of possibilities of Fast Reports eco-system for smart reports and Business Intelligence

Take advantage of the most complete offer from the experts in the World of data presentation for Delphi and Lazarus. Get the professional OLAP Engine and Reporting library for VCL and FMX with support and updates. We will be glad to become part of your global team!

FastCube VCL is a tool for effective data analysis
FastCube VCL is a set of components for implementation in-memory data cube, OLAP operations, can be used for creating pivot table reports. It supports Delphi 7-XE8, C++Builder 2005-XE8, Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 - 10.4 and Lazarus.

Your customers will no longer need Excel-tables for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab reporting!
FastCube components can be built into the interface of host applications
FastCube end users do not require high programming skills to build reports
FastCube is a set of OLAP Desktop components for Delphi/C++Builder/Lazarus
Connection to data-bases can be not only through the standard ADO or BDE components but also through any component based on TDataSet
Instant downloading and handling of data arrays
Ready-made templates can be built for summary tables. It is posible to prohibit users from modifying the schema
All FastCube's settings may be accessed both programmatically and by the end user
FastCube's data can be saved in a compact format for data exchange and data storage

Key features:
Instant data slice creation. Data sources schemas or SQL queries
All basic statistical operations (count, sum, minimum, maximum, average, variance, etc.)
Special functions (number of unique values, first value, list of unique values)
Filters for measured values
Automatic component layout of date and time
Unlimited number of measures in a summary table
Possible to put data into table columns or table rows, as well as on any level of measurements
Calculated data (based on FastScript)
Calculated filters for numeric data by using output formatting
Calculated filters for values when calculating data (based on FastScript)
Numeric data display control by using output formatting
Numeric data output as a value or as percent (in a row, column, group or table total)
Possible to use data of Date, Time and Row type
Conditional highlighting of cell value in a slices (in a range)
Possible to minimize measurements as a whole as well as separate values
Possible to control the display of totals
Control of axis sorting (according to measurement value or data)
Control of each level of measurement sorting (line of sorting)
Saving of templates (schemas) and data itself for future use
Export of FastCube's slices to Excel, Word or HTML
Copying of a highlighted range to the clipboard
Reviewing and exporting slices cell details
Cube's/data cube's export to XML formats : XML for Analysis, xml-msdata, ms rowset or DataPacket
Printing by means of FastReport
Graph construction by means of TeeChart

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