Download ImageKit ResizeKit 2 12 Athens Edition (30 November 2023)

ImageKit ResizeKit 2 12 Athens Edition (30 November 2023)

ImageKit ResizeKit 2 12 Athens Edition (30 November 2023)
ImageKit ResizeKit 2 12 Athens Edition (30 November 2023)

The ResizeKit 2 is a control that automatically adjusts the size of the controls and fonts displayed on the form when the form size changes. Programmers can write applications that are screen resolution independent or that adjust the application appearance to size changes by the user, often times without writing a single line of code. Even if the user switches the screen resolution while the application is running, if that screen resolution forces the form to change size, the ResizeKit control will detect it and automatically adjust the size of the controls and fonts on the form.

The ResizeKit2 is easy to use, simply place the control on the form at design time. It can be used immediately from the first day without changing the program design or code in your existing programs. The ResizeKit2 VB is a fast and lightweight ActiveX control that supports VisualBasic 5.0 and 6.0. The ResizeKit2 Delphi and ResizeKit2 C ++ Builder, ResizeKit2 BDS, and ResizeKit2 RAD Studio editions are VCL components for each supported VCL development environment. The ResizeKit2.NET is a .NET Framework 4x component for WinForm applications. The ResizeKit2.NET X is a .NET 5 and .NET 6 component for Windows Form applications.

The ResizeKit2 developer license allows the license holder to make as many runtime applictions as they wish and, because the runtime license is free, the license holder can distribute as many of each runtime application as they wish without additional royalties or fees.

The ResizeKit2 can resize most standard control whose left, top, height, and width properties are accessible to the control. Even some third party controls that do not specify left, top, height, or width properties or controls in which these properties are insulated from size changes can be resized by the ResizeKit. The cells in Grid or Spread applications are some examples of this. In these cases, the controls or fonts can be resized by specifying the dimensions of the control or font in the ExitResize event. An example program illustrating the code used in the ExitResize event is included with the ResizeKit.

ResizeKit Main Features

Automatically resizes all controls and fonts on the form.
Simply place the Resize Control on the form. No need to redesign or add additional code.
Can autosize the individual cells in grid controls. Sample included!
It is possible to create applications that support full screen resolution.
Maximum and minimum form height and width can be specified.
Initial location of the form can be specified.
Controls and fonts can also be excluded from resizing.
Runtime royalty-free license. Distribute unlimited applications without additional fees or royalties
The ResizeKit VCL editions each have a unified .EXE so applications can be distributed in one simple unit.
Resizes most third party controls without the need for additional code.
Contains easy to use properties and its ExitResize event allows you to customize the resize process.
Useful sample programs are included.

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