Download TMS Sphinx v1.9.0.2 Full Source for Delphi 10 - Delphi 12 Athens

TMS Sphinx v1.9.0.2 Full Source for Delphi 10 - Delphi 12 Athens

TMS Sphinx v1.9.0.2 Full Source for Delphi 10 - Delphi 12 Athens
TMS Sphinx v1.9.0.2 Full Source for Delphi 10 - Delphi 12 Athens

Delphi framework for Identity Access Management, including authorization and authentication. OAuth2 compliant authorization mechanism, supporting grants: implicit, client credentials and authorization code with PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange). Follows OpenID Connect specification for login workflow and identity token issuance.

Build your SSO Auth server in minutes, with non-visual components based on TMS Sparkle and TMS XData technologies.

Build-in optional self-user registration feature provides GUI allowing users to sign up for your software.

Make sure your users are real ones by requiring e-mail confirmation.

Full-features user interface includes a “forgot password” that allows users to recover the password themselves.

Both web and native applications are supported. Add authentication to your native applications using standard OAuth 2 flow.

Protecting your client applications by requiring users to login is as simple as dropping and configuring a non-visual TSphinxLogin component in the form

New : TLoginOptions.?Forbid?Self?Registration property prevents or allows new users to create a new account by themselves. Request #19339.
New : Full documentation page for login web application explaining how to customize and configure it.
New : Developers can now choose which information can be used to perform a login (e-mail, phone number, username) by setting additional properties in TLoginOptions class. Request #19741.
New : Added new methods and events in several classes to fully support phone number confirmation (token generation, confirmation with token). Request #19069.
Improved : Registration (sign-up) page now automatically asks for username and phone number fields, in addition to e-mail, if they are configured as required in TUserOptions. Ticket #21929.
Fixed : Some server-side error messages were not being localized.
Fixed : Option TLoginOptions.?Require?Confirmed?Email was not being applied unless TUserOptions.?Require?Email was true. Now it will apply whenever the email is not empty, regardless if it''s required. Same for phone number.
Fixed : Do not use manager of the context if it does not belong to the Sphinx model. Ticket #22921.
Fixed : Demo web application was not being run from the default TMS Web Core application URL. Ticket #22440.

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