Download TMS FNC AppTools v1.0.2.3 Full Source

TMS FNC AppTools v1.0.2.3 Full Source

TMS FNC AppTools v1.0.2.3 Full Source
TMS FNC AppTools v1.0.2.3 Full Source

Universal Delphi & C++ Builder components for VCL or FMX desktop application management. Compared to the rest of the FNC family (that is the family of our universal components), TMS FNC AppTools is a little bit different. It revolves exclusively around desktop application development! The reason for this is simple: desktop and mobile applications are unalike and some functionalities/features make no sense or restricted in mobile environments. This way we can fully focus on desktop specific needs.

Automatic internet based desktop application updating

Lock access to & hide sensitive information from desktop applications when not in use

Automatically persist the last desktop application screen position & size

Exclusively for desktop application development
Update via HTTP requests with optional username and password authentication
ZIP file based downloads
Automatic update or control the process via separate calls
Control file supports 3 desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Supports both predefined and custom path prefixes
Optional logging to track the executed steps
Persists the window position and state in an INI file
Save/load persisted position automatically at window close/open or programmatically
Password protects the running application
Lock application directly or after an idle time
Unlock programmatically or through the default dialog

Improved : Core Improvements

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