Download Winsoft Media Suite for FireMonkey v2.2 Full Source for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 - 12

Winsoft Media Suite for FireMonkey v2.2 Full Source for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 - 12

Winsoft Media Suite for FireMonkey v2.2 Full Source for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 - 12
Winsoft Media Suite for FireMonkey v2.2 Full Source for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 - 12

Delphi and C++Builder digital media library for FireMonkey.


Uses Microsoft Media Foundation API
Supports Windows 32 and Windows 64
Available for Delphi/C++Builder XE4 - 12
Source code included in registered version
Royalty free distribution in applications


1. unpack file to some folder
2. copy all files from Delphi12 subfolder (when using Delphi 12) to Examples\Delphi\VideoCapture subfolder
3. open demo example Demo.dpr located in Examples\Delphi\VideoCapture subfolder and compile it

What's new

Version 2.2
added IAttributes.ItemBlobSize property
added ToString(const Key: TGUID) function
added ToName(const GUID: TGUID) function
added IMediaSourceEx interface
added IActivate.ActivateTransform method
added IActivate.TryActivateMediaSource method
added IActivate.TryActivateTransform method
added TMediaEngineNetworkState enumeration
added TMediaEngineReadyState enumeration
added TMediaEngineCreateFlag enumeration
added TMediaEngineCreateFlags set
added IMediaEngine.Shutdown method
added IMediaEngine.TransferFrame method
added IMediaEngine.VideoStreamTick method
added IMediaEngine.NetworkState property
added IMediaEngine.ReadyState property
added TAudioEndpointRole enumeration
added TAudioStreamCategory enumeration
added TMediaEngineStatistics record
added IMediaEngineEx.ApplyStreamSelections method
added IMediaEngineEx.DisableSwapchainMode method
added IMediaEngineEx.DisableTimeUpdateTimer method
added IMediaEngineEx.EnableSwapchainMode method
added IMediaEngineEx.EnableTimeUpdateTimer method
added IMediaEngineEx.InsertAudioEffect method
added IMediaEngineEx.InsertVideoEffect method
added IMediaEngineEx.Open method
added IMediaEngineEx.RemoveAllEfects method
added IMediaEngineEx.SetCurrentTime method
added IMediaEngineEx.AudioEndpointRole property
added IMediaEngineEx.AudioStreamCategory property
added IMediaEngineEx.ResourceCharacteristics property
added IMediaEngineEx.Statistics property
added IMediaEngineEx.StreamCount property
added IMediaEngineEx.StreamSelection property
added IMediaEngineEx.Swapchain property
added IClockStateSink interface
added TClockState enumeration
added TClockCharacteristic enumeration
added TClockCharacteristics set
added IClock.GetCorrelatedTime method
added IClock.Characteristics property
added IClock.State property
added IPresentationTimeSource interface
added IPresentationClock.Add method
added IPresentationClock.Remove method
added IAsyncResult interface
added IAsyncCallback interface
added IMediaEventGenerator interface
added GetRateControl function
added GetRateSupport function
added GetVideoDisplayControl function
added GetVideoMixerBitmap function
improved Enumerate demo example
bug fixes and improvements

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