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WSMBT Modbus Master TCP/IP Control for .NET

WSMBT Modbus Master TCP/IP Control for .NET
WSMBT Modbus Master TCP/IP Control for .NET | 222 kB

WSMBT is a powerful and simple to use .Net control that makes it easy to access data from a Modbus slave device connected to the PC's Ethernet network. Simply drop the control on your form and talk to your device with your VB.NET, C# or Managed C++.

Supported protocol variants:
Modbus TCP/IP
Modbus UDP/IP
Modbus RTU Over TCP/IP
Modbus ASCII Over TCP/IP

01: Read coil status
02: Read input status
03: Read holding registers
04: Read input registers
05: Force single coil
06: Preset single register
15: Force multiple coils
16: Preset multiple registers
17: Report Slave ID. (RTU/ASCII Over TCP/IP mode only)
22: Mask write register
23: Read/Write registers


Int16[] Registers = new Int16[10];
WSMBT.Result Result;
Result = wsmbtControl1.ReadHoldingRegisters(1, 0, 10, Registers);

Visual Basic
Dim Registers(10) As Short
Dim Result As WSMBT.Result
Result = WsmbtControl1.ReadHoldingRegisters(1, 0, 10, Registers)

array<Int16>^ Registers = gcnew array<Int16>(10);
WSMBT::Result Result;
Result = wsmbtControl1->ReadHoldingRegisters(1, 0, 10, Registers);

User defined functions:
Read User Defined Coils
Read User Defined Registers
Write User Defined Coils
Write User Defined Registers

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