Download Z.EntityFramework Extensions EF6 v5.1.10 + Key

Z.EntityFramework Extensions EF6 v5.1.10

Z.EntityFramework Extensions EF6 v5.1.10
Z.EntityFramework Extensions EF6 v5.1.10

Extend your DbContext with high-performance batch and bulk operations. Use BulkSaveChanges to execute bulk operations when saving a large number of entities for maximal performance. Use BatchSaveChanges to combine SQL generated by SaveChanges to reduce database round-trip.

Bulk SaveChanges
Use BulkOperations to improve saving performance.

Bulk Operations
Maximize your performance and customize how your entities are saved in the database.

Bulk Insert
Bulk Update
Bulk Delete
Bulk Merge
Bulk Synchronize

Batch SaveChanges
Batch SQL Command generated by SaveChanges in fewer command to reduce database round-trip.

Batch Operations
Execute UPDATE and DELETE statement directly in database with LINQ Query without loading entities in the context.


var dateToDeactivate = DateTime.Now.AddYears(-2);

// UPDATE customers active but didn’t log recently
 .Where(x => x.IsActive && x.LastLogin < dateToDeactivate)
 .UpdateFromQuery(x => new Customer { IsActive = false });

// DELETE customers inactive and without invoice
 .Where(x => !x.IsActive && !x.Invoices.Any())

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