Download ShellBrowser .NET Components v6.2.0.277 + Patch

ShellBrowser .NET Components v6.2.0.277

ShellBrowser .NET Components v6.2.0.277
ShellBrowser .NET Components v6.2.0.277

The ShellBrowser .NET Components are a set of UI controls that look and behave exactly like the Windows Explorer. You can use them to integrate Explorer components in your applications or even build your own Explorer. The components are based on and target Windows Forms. They are written in C#, but can be used in all supporting languages (like C# or VB.NET).

ShellBrowser .NET Components support all current versions of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Visual Studio. Learn more in the extended compatibility overview.

The ShellBrowser .NET Components are royalty free and involve no runtime fees.

Enhance Your .NET Application with Drop-in Shell Functionality

Includes a comprehensive set of visual and non-visual controls for Visual Studio.
Create Explorer clones within minutes with the ShellTreeView, the ShellListView, and the ShellControlConnector or the ExplorerBrowser control.
Easy drop-in: Simply drop the UI components right on your own forms or dialogs.
All captions, e.g. the column headers in the ShellListView, are from the system in the active language.
Icons and thumbnails are determined in background threads. This optimizes the reactivity and does not slow down the speed of the user interface.
Integrate the preview pane introduced with the Windows Explorer with the ShellFilePreview component and let the ShellChangeNotifier inform you about relevant shell events.
Use Windows functionality without struggling with p/invoking the respective Windows APIs and COM Objects and Interfaces.

Look-and-Feel of the Windows Explorer

The ExplorerBrowser provides a complete, configurable Windows Explorer view.
Windows Shell context menu.
Drag-and-drop with the Windows Explorer and similar applications.
Different view styles: The ShellListView supports small icons, large icons, lists, details and thumbnails.
Overlay icons are supported.
Installed Shell extensions supported by the Windows Explorer are also supported by the ShellBrowser .NET Edition
Background context menu in the ShellListView is supported.

100% C# Code - Transparent Costs

The components are based on the .NET Framework Controls and are written in 100% C# code; no additional DLLs or ActiveX controls are necessary.
The ShellBrowser .NET Edition is royalty free and involves no runtime fees.
Supports Visual Studio 2010 and higher.

Version 6.2​
New Features and Improvements​

General: The components now support high DPI per monitor scenarios.
Besides the project configuration as described here, your project needs to target the .NET Framework 4.8. Check the "JamExplorer" and "ExplorerBrowser" example projects that have the necessary per Monitor v2 settings.
This required a full refactoring of the SystemImageList affecting the viewstyles and image lists of the ShellListView, FileList, DriveList and ShellTree.
It is now possible to use custom icons or thumbnails in the ShellListView, FileList and ShellTreeView. Check the new "Customization" example project for details.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView

Using the new "FileNameFormat" property you can control, whether the ShellListView or ShellTreeView displays file extensions or not. The default value is "Auto", which keeps the former behavior and uses the respective Windows Explorer setting.
The new "CheckBoxMode" property was added. The values "CheckBoxMode.Off" and "CheckBoxMode.Synchronized" work exactly like the boolean "CheckBoxes" property. The additional "CheckBoxMode.Simple" allows to use CheckBoxes without attached ShellControlConnector. The check states of the elements are not applied automatically; neither to other controls, nor to parent or children of a checked element.

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