Download Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 (version 2021.1.119.480) with .PKG Retail

Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 (version 2021.1.119.480) with .PKG Retail

Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 (version 2021.1.119.480) with .PKG Retail
Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 (version 2021.1.119.480) with .PKG Retail

Telerik UI for Xamarin uses the Xamarin.Forms technology, which makes it possible for developers to build native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps from a single shared C# code base. The Telerik Chart and Calendar for Xamarin enables developers to easily implement various charting functionalities in their Xamarin.Forms projects and achieve the same scenarios across platforms using a single shared C# code base.

UI for Xamarin is built on top of the Telerik native controls for iOS and Android to offer Xamarin users truly native UI for their apps. UI for Xamarin capitalizes on the innate benefits of the native UI but exposes all objects and properties in C#, providing “no-compromise” customization and flexibility. The product ships Xamarin wrappers for UI for iOS, Xamarin wrappers for UI for Android and Xamarin.Forms controls (Chart and Calendar are available currently, more are coming).

Telerik Chart for Xamarin.Forms complements the UI controls set available with Xamarin.Forms. The control enables you to easily add various charting scenarios to your shared C# codebase.

Building on the native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, UI for Xamarin offers fast loading, excellent drawing capabilities and pixel-perfectness the quality performance only native code can deliver.

Telerik UI for Xamarin follows an aggressive release schedule, with three releases per year. Our roadmap is customer-driven and very transparent.The Telerik team is dedicated at providing a full range of Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms components so developers can create one-of-a-kind app experiences for their customers. Coming next in February 2015 are ListView for Xamarin.iOS and ListView for Xamarin.Android.

Dedicated support is available directly from the developers who build the suite, even during your trial.To help you get off to a fast start with the controls, we’ve created extensive online documentation.

UI for Xamarin R1 2021 (version 2021.1.119.480)

What's New


Added Dark Mode support for all controls. It is available for Android and iOS and the controls now respond to device theme change.
RichTextEditor control is now official.
Upgraded to Xamarin.Forms


[Android] The tooltip is not hidden when the Chart is placed inside ScrollView and the content is scrolled.


Added IsOptionsButtonVisible property. It can be set individually to each column via the HeaderStyle property.


RadDatePicker throws exception in iOS when device language is set to Arabic.


RadDatePicker throws exception in iOS when device language is set to Arabic.
The control is not disposed properly.


[Android] [iOS] Custom font is not applied.
[UWP] TextColor property is not applied.


Change the background color of the toolbar to be consistent with the other toolbars.


Performance improvements when inserting tables using the RadFixedDocumentEditor.
Introduced mechanism for loading custom font files when importing TrueType fonts.


An ArgumentException is thrown when importing a PDF containing overlapping codespace.
An ArgumentException is thrown when importing rectangle whose values are defined using indirect references.
An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when a TextBox field has a smaller size than the default padding of the field.
Importing a document containing link annotations and named destinations referring to the same object causes InvalidCastException.
An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document with FormXObject resources pointing to an indirect object.
An InvalidDataException is thrown while decoding stream from a PDF with Encryption Algorithm 4.
An InvalidDataException (Unknown compression method 'method-name') is thrown when opening a document.
An InvalidDataException is thrown when importing a document containing two trailers and the Encrypt object is part of the first Xref table.
Image with ICC Based colorspace is missing due to a NullReferenceException.
A NotSupportedException is thrown when the inline image stream starts on a new row.
Slow performance of CCITTFaxDecode filter.
Sporadical InvalidOperationException is thrown while importing documents from background threads.


Added support for Type 3 fonts.


Change the overflow of the toolbar button to have vertical border.
Change the overflow button of the toolbar to have an accent background color when selected.
Change the disabled button color of the toolbar to be consistent between the platforms.


Memory leak when navigating back from a page that contains Popup.


Added OpenHyperlinkError event.
Added error alert when opening invalid hyperlinks.
Implemented default context menu for the RadRichTextEditor component.Implemented ContextMenuItems property of RadRichTextEditor that allows customization of the context menu for the control.
Implemented select all functionality.


Bold, italic, underline not working after setting text formatting.
Clear formatting not working for block formatting.
[Android] Context menu is over the Tolbar popups.


Added DocumentInfo properties to preserve document metadata information.


An exception is thrown when importing an XLS file with a specific print area.
An InvalidOperationException is thrown when importing an XLS document containing an Extra Table Data record.


Add support for swiping inside the content. It can be turned on and of using the IsContentSwipingEnabled property with default value "true".
Added support for sliding the TabView header items. It can be turn on and of by setting the IsScrollable property of the TabView Header.


Selected item header does not correspond to the selected item content.
Crash when having an initially selected tab.


Introduced DocumentInfo properties to preserve document metadata information.
Introduced support for importing/exporting/editing of Content Controls (structured document tags).
LoadFromUri event is now obsolete. LoadStylesheetFromUri and LoadImageFromUri are the new events that should be used instead. When LoadFromUri is used for resolving images, even if the data is provided in the arguments, an HTTP call to the resource is made to resolve its extension. This can be potentially unwanted behavior in some client scenarios.
Introduced support for floating images when exporting to PDF.


Headings elements ('h1'-'h6') are imported from HTML with wrong styling.
Html style property values are omitted on import when the value contains a semicolon.
List indentation is imported from RTF as local paragraph properties.
A NullReferenceException is thrown while importing a document with header/footer and main part not named with the default name.
An OutOfMemoryException is thrown when exporting TabStops to PDF.
A paragraph in a TableCell which is in the last TableRow on the page is not exported to the PDF document.
Exporting documents to PDF creates a fully transparent polygon for text without predefined highlight and/or background color. As a result, the size of the exported PDF is improved by up to 40%.
Hyperlinks are not correctly exported to plain text.
Wrong NuGet dependencies cause a build-time error.
There is an empty space between two consecutive paragraphs with a defined background color when the SpacingBefore on the second is bigger than the SpacingAfter on the first.

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