Download Apitron PDF Kit SDK for .Net v2.0.40.0 + Crack

Apitron PDF Kit SDK for .Net v2.0.40.0

Apitron PDF Kit SDK for .Net v2.0.40.0
Apitron PDF Kit SDK for .Net v2.0.40.0

Apitron PDF Kit is a .NET component that allows you to do whatever you want with PDF files. Add text, images, drawings, sign documents and much more. You can also edit existing content using its friendly and easy to use API. It’s 100% managed, has no third party dependencies and compatible with any .NET framework version currently in long-term support by Microsoft and has simple and transparent royalty-free licensing model. Use you favourite .NET language, C#, VB.NET or other to integrate PDF processing into your web, mobile or desktop applications.

PDF versions supported
Supported PDF standard versions are: ALL versions. Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, PDF/A, PDF/B etc.

The Apitron PDF Kit for .NET library can be used to create cross-platform desktop, mobile, web and cloud solutions. It's suitable for developing:
Apps targeting windows-powered desktop systems (Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, console apps, windows services)
Apps deployed to Windows Store and targeting Windows Runtime, Windows 10 UWP, Windows Phone 8.1/10
Mobile and desktop apps utilizing Mono or Xamarin stack and targeting Android, iOS or MacOS
Microsoft Azure deployed apps, "serverless" Azure functions, ASP.NET core web apps, .NET core web apis
.NET core based applications running anywhere, e.g. inside Docker containers or AWS or GCP hosted environments
Apps targeting any system where .NET/MONO implementation exists

Using this PDF SDK you'll be able to:
Extract, modify and add graphics (text, images, drawings)
Split or merge PDF documents
Fill or create PDF forms, FDF support
Create multi-layer PDF documents with optional content groups ( OCG )
Add or remove document fields
Use bidirectional or right-to-left text to create page content
Examine resources within a document - fonts, embedded files
Digitally sign and check existing signatures on PDF documents
Search text in PDF documents and extract intelligently formatted text
Protect document with a password or set security permissions
Work with navigation objects, e.g. create bookmarks or links
Annotate PDF documents using all available annotation objects
Add all available PDF actions, e.g. jаvascript, GoTo, URI, Launch, Named etc.
Use all font formats defined by specification: TrueType, OpenType,Type3, Type1, Type0
Use custom fonts and automatically create and embed font subsets
Use the following colorspaces for drawing: Device (RGB, CMYK, GRAY); CIE-based (CalRGB, CalGRAY, Lab, ICCBased - via ICC color profile); Special (Pattern, DeviceN, Indexed, Separation)
Quickly create PDF document from a list of images
Implement custom html-like markup to PDF conversion
Generate PDF files using external xml templates
Scale your processing capabilites by adding more computing cores, the component utilizes multithreading on all possible levels
Save documents to other “subtypes” of PDF – Linearized or PDF/A for example
If you require a specific functionality and are unsure about whether it is supported, please review our online help or contact our support so we'll be able to help you
You'll be able to choose from two different approaches for PDF manipulation or mix them if needed:
Fixed layout API, mirroring the PDF specification defined objects, it unlocks full power of the PDF to you. Any complex PDF creation or manipulation task becomes manageable with this powerful tool
Flow layout API, a styles-driven content generation API similar to HTML+CSS provides you with ability to create stunning documents, reports, bills, catalogs and more in minutes. Compact and easy to use, it supports XML templates and flexible styling

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