Download ArmDot .NET Obfuscator 2022.1.0.0

ArmDot .NET Obfuscator 2022.1.0.0

ArmDot .NET Obfuscator 2022.1.0.0
ArmDot .NET Obfuscator 2022.1.0.0

ArmDot is a .NET obfuscator to protect software written in .NET.

It is very significant for the companies to protect their intellectual property, including the source code of their products, algorithms, and resources used.

Unfortunately, .NET compilers produce a generally available code. Embedded resources are easily retrieved, all string literals are open, method and class names allow anyone to understand the logic of the application quickly. Getting the source code from the intermediate one takes just a second! Not using obfuscation is the same as placing the source code of an application in the public domain.

Here is when ArmDot comes to the rescue, using the full arsenal of obfuscation techniques, starting with common, but very effective renaming of metadаta: names of classes, methods, and properties, and ending with the most modern approach - code virtualization, which makes deobfuscation incredibly difficult.

Supports .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Mono.
Obfuscates any kind of applications, including Windows Forms, WPF, and Xamarin.
Provides a comprehensive API to issue, block and check serial keys.
Embeds any kind of files including managed and unmanaged DLLs, data files, and other assets into a .NET assembly.
ArmDot is a real cross-platform .NET obfuscator written in .NET Core that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

ArmDot features
Wide Range of Obfuscation Features
ArmDot provides the full range of obfuscation approaches:

changing the names of types, methods, fields, and properties;
control flow obfuscation;
code virtualization;
embedded resources encryption;
string literals encryption.
Supports legacy and modern .NET Runtimes
ArmDot fully supports both legacy runtimes like .NET Framework 2.0 and modern .NET 5.

The following runtimes are supported:

.NET: 5.0.
.NET Core: 3.1, 3.0, 2.2, 2.1, 2.0, 1.1, 1.0.
.NET Framework: 4.8, 4.7.2, 4.7.1, 4.7, 4.6.2, 4.6.1, 4.6, 4.5.2, 4.5.1, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0.
Licensing API
ArmDot provides a rich API to generate license keys, check its state, and extract data, stored in license keys including user name, email, expiration, and max build date.

Embed files with the help of ArmDot
It's easy to add dependencies: managed and unmanaged DLLs, data files and other assets to the output .NET assembly.

If a .NET code requires an unmanaged DLL, just add the DLL to Assembly Directory and build a project.

After building the project, the output .NET assembly will work as if the embedded DLL really exists.

In other cases one may need to hide assets: videos, images and other files. Embedded files are not stored on a disk, but in the process memory instead, therefor it's hard to extract them.

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