Download ZylTimer.NET 1.28 - Timer .NET Component - Zyl Soft

ZylTimer.NET 1.28 - Timer .NET Component - Zyl Soft

ZylTimer.NET 1.28 - Timer .NET Component - Zyl Soft
ZylTimer.NET 1.28 - Timer .NET Component - Zyl Soft

ZylTimer.NET is a high resolution .NET timer class / component which provides a higher precision than the standard .NET Timer component.
.NET Timer component which ships with the .NET framework uses the Windows Message Queue to generate the Tick event. Due to this approach it's impossible to get accurate timer intervals smaller than 15 milliseconds.

ZylTimer.NET is a thread based timer and due to this architecture provides a higher precision (1-2 milliseconds), which is inevitable in time critical applications.

It is important to understand that the accuracy of timers is limited. Windows is not a real-time operating system (except Windows CE) and it is not reasonable to expect timers to handle exactly very small time intervals.

Starting with .NET Framework 2.0, you have to use invoke, to modify user interface elements from the tick event.

The demo version is fully functional, but it displays a nag dialog (the licensed version will, of course, not have a nag dialog). The package includes demo programs for C# and VB.NET fo Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019. A help file is also included.

-Avoid to use time consuming code in the Tick event, but if it's necessary, run it in a differnet thread.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/7/8/Server2012/10
Available for:.NET Framework 2.0 (demos: VS 2010), .NET Framework 3.5 (demos: VS 2010), .NET Framework 4.0 (demos: VS 2012), .NET Framework 4.5 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 4.6 (demos: VS 2015), .NET Framework 4.7 (demos: VS 2017), .NET Standard 2.0, .NET Framework 4.8 (demos: VS 2019) (contact us, if you need another combination)
Requierments: .NET Framework
Add a reference to the dll from your project and declare an object of the component type in your application.

Only for V.I.P
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