Download Korzh EasyQuery AspNet4 v7.2.1

Korzh EasyQuery AspNet4 v7.2.1

Korzh EasyQuery AspNet4 v7.2.1
Korzh EasyQuery AspNet4 v7.2.1

Data management framework for your .NET application that helps you with:

dynamic custom queries (advanced search)
ad-hoc reporting
aggregation and grouping
paging, filtering, sorting, and many other tasks


Long story short, EasyQuery will be useful to you if you are creating a .NET application that works with a database. Because, after all, any developer that creates database applications most likely faces the following tasks sooner or later:

1. Organizing the data flow
Any data processing in a database application usually begins and ends at the presentation level. The user asks the system for some data, this "request" is converted into a query (or several queries) to the database, we receive data from there, process it, format it if necessary and send it back for display in the UI.

EasyQuery is there to help you implement the whole process with minimal effort.

2. Complex queries
In many projects, the number of parameters by which you can search for data is in the tens or even hundreds. EasyQuery provides a unified and easy-to-use UI for building complex queries on many parameters, converting them into database queries and displaying results.

3. Visualization of queries and result data
EasyQuery includes many visual components both to build complex queries and to display the results of those queries in all possible variations. It includes different widgets that represent the query (QueryPanel, ColumnsPanel, etc), a multifunctional table (grid) to display the result, pagination controls, aggregation and grouping UI, charts, dashboards, ad-hoc reporting components and many other UI widgets.

As we said before, EasyQuery will be helpful almost of any database application. However, for some most common scenarios we create a ready-to-use sample projects that you start using right away with a minimal adjustments to your data model and the database type. Here are these scenarios:

Ad-hoc reporting
Have you ever heard from your customer: "We need to change 3 reports and create 5 new"? Have you calculated the time and energy spent on all these trifles?

With EasyQuery you give you users the ability to build/change queries for reports, save and load them, draw charts and export results.

You don't even need to build such an application from scratch! Using our EasyReport Starter Kit you will get a ready-to-use reporting solution with multi-tenancy, data exports, scheduled reports and many other useful feature. You can just get the code, white-label the application and deploy it to your web-server.

Advanced search form
What if your users need to search by many different parameters and in various combinations? Typical search form looks like a mess of different controls related to one database field each. It may occupy the full screen but even in this case it may not cover all possible combinations of conditions.

Do your users fated to use such ugly forms? Not with EasyQuery!

The EasyQuery interface is laconic and intuitive, it allows to build almost any combination of conditions your users could wish for.

Data filtering UI
Whenever you show the grid with more than several rows of data, your users may need to filter the data somehow. Usually, you don't know how exactly they need to filter the data. Let them use EasyQuery and relax! They will do the job easily and will be happy.

Simple text search
Querying the data is relatively easy if know what and where you want to search. But what if you don't?

Imagine that you need to find any mention of some word or phrase through the whole database, in any possible field. Moreover, you may want to limit the searchable data by some criteria.

With EasyQuery you are one step away from success.

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