Download Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1 (version 2022.1.222) Retail with Source Code

Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1 (version 2022.1.222) Retail with Source Code

Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1 (version 2022.1.222) Retail with Source Code
Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1 (version 2022.1.222) Retail with Source Code

Telerik UI for WPF includes a wide range of controls from small UI components like Rating to powerful data-driven controls like GridView. The suite provides a variety of data visualization tools to allow you to display and edit your data. Manipulate your row data in a GridView or Spreadsheet and then visualize it through PivotGrid, our charting or diagramming tools. Discover multiple components for daily or business planning such as ScheduleView where users can easily plan their day and GanttView which allows users to visualize and manage any project planning data. Telerik UI for WPF comes complete with customizable UI controls for a variety of needs and options, which makes it the ideal choice for any Windows desktop application.

Professional-Looking Themes

Give your applications the professional look by applying our built-in themes. Telerik UI for WPF ships with more than ten professionally designed themes. Windows8 and Windows8Touch let you apply styling in real-time. While the new Visual Studio 2013 theme mimics the look and feel of VS 2013.Themes include:

Visual Studio 2013

Exceptional Performance and User Experience

Telerik UI for WPF enhances user experience by providing both UI and data virtualization. Use Teleriks controls to display large amounts of data with virtually no performance trade-off. What you get is exceptional performance and a sleek end-user experience. Telerik UI makes your apps fast by:

Producing minimal and clean XAML
Allowing you to load only the data within the current viewport of the application
Implementing lazy loading loading data only when it is requested
Minimizing memory usage, robust code free from memory leaks.

Intuitive API
Telerik UI for WPF has a short learning curve and is easy to use. The suite provides for:

Seamless integration with your Visual Studio Toolbox for quick drag-and-drop usage.
Feature configuration using Design-time Wizards.
Easy to learn API. The API is a close mirror of Microsoft. If youve worked with the WPF Framework and Microsofts XAML Controls, youll get up and running fast in Telerik UI for WPF.

Document Processing

Three components enable you to process the most common text, spreadsheet, and PDF file formats without having Microsoft Office or other third-party libraries installed. Your application users will be able to create, load and modify documents in a variety of formats including:


Enable your application to seamlessly export and import documents or convert them from one format to another. All thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use APIs.

MVVM Support

The ability to drag-and-drop a complex control from our toolbox, wire up a few events, receive quick functionality, then move on to the next work item makes your software development easier. Those functionalities, however, do not guarantee that the software created is well structured, easily extensible, and unit testable. MVVM resolves those issues. Telerik UI for WPF fully supports MVVM, allowing you to create reliable, well-structured and easily maintainable applications.

UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1


Refactor EventToCommandBehavior to work with any DependencyObject instead of only UIElement.


EventToCommandBehavior with EventBinding which binds event of a subclass of Window throws the wrong exception in XAML designer. Subclasses of Window are no more checked in XAML designer.


InvalidOperationException when unloaded from Docking, SelectedItem is bound and SelectionMode is Single.
Binding to SearchText gets lost if control is reloaded while its SelectedItem property is being set.


When CanPopupExceedScreen is True, Placement and Vertical/HorizontalOffset properties are not properly respected when showing the popup and it appears on wrong place.


Now the control doesn't open in the designer when selected in the XAML editor. It opens only when selected in the VS designer.


A System.Windows.Data with error message Cannot find source for binding with reference TodayButtonBorder is present in the Output for the Fluent theme.


Improve the disabled state of the diagram`s UI components.


Removing items from the control removes all groups in which the item is contained, even if non-empty.
UI freeze may occur due to slow AStarRouter calculations when moving connected shapes one on top of the others. Introduced StartOrEndShapeWallPenalty property to AStarRouter with a default value of 3. When set to 0, routing will more likely route the connection on the shortest path crossing the source and target shape if shapes are too close.
An exception is thrown while dragging the diagram from the toolbox when using the Net Core 3.1, .Net 5, or .Net 6 projects and separate Nuget packages.
When the Size tab of the SettingsPane is selected for multiple shapes, the tab is disabled, but the content remains active.


The control of the extra space around the pane groups has been improved through the Padding property.


Entering network shared folder in breadcrumb can result in showing its contents for a while then fallback to a parent folder unexpectedly.
Inserting or removing a USB drive runtime is not reflected in the UI (navigation tree, main pane).
ExplorerControl leaks in memory when it is unloaded from UI.
Files with missing 'Date Modified' attribute are missing from the explorer control.


Items added to a QueryableEntityCoreCollectionView are displayed in RadGridView only after calling SaveChanges.
New row is clipped when the BeginInsert method is used and the scrollbar becomes visible.
Updated GridViewCell Highlighted color in VisualStudio2019 and Crystal themes.
Aggregate results in the group header are not updated when adding or removing columns.
Edited items are not added to their new group when using both FilterDescriptor and GroupDescriptor.


ScrollIntoView method doesn't work when the ScrollUnit is set to Pixel and VirtualizingWrapPanel is used.


Introduced public ProtocolHelper.UseHttpsScheme property to allow users redirect their map providers (Bing, OpenStreet, ArcGis, WMS) to use https connection instead of http.


ZoomLevel property set via style binding can be broken via internal setting of the property.


Spin behavior does not work if the UpdateValueEvent is LostFocus.


The popup appears outside of the screen bounds when shown on a localized version of Windows.


Setting a RadGridView for PanelBarItem's content does not display all of its columns.

PDF Viewer

Wrong rectangle rendering.


Added support for Type 3 fonts.
Provided API for setting different permissions when exporting encrypted PDF documents.


The measured size of the block inside the nested table is wrong.
A NullReferenceException is thrown when converting nested tables to PDF and the vertical alignment is set.
An ArgumentException is thrown when importing documents containing Font`s Widths array with entries defined as Indirect references.
An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a not embedded TrueType Font.
UriFormatException is thrown when merging/cloning a document containing UriAction with an invalid URI.
Converting PNG to Jpeg processes only a part of the image on .NET 6.


InvalidCastException is thrown when PropertySetMode is Union or Intersection and the property value is changed to an instance of a type inheriting from the property's type.


Backstage content is not scrolled correctly when it exceeds the allowed width.


Application hangs when reading a DOCX with a diagram inside.
Importing a shape with 0 style index throws an exception instead of providing a null value for the style property.
An InvalidOperationException is thrown when trying to export HTML with invalid characters.
A NullReferenceException is thrown when visualizing a shape with restricted editing permissions.
ChangeShapeFillCommand is always executed when interacting with an image.
NumericUpDown controls in dialogs disappear when defining an implicit style.
Shape transparency is lost on import.
Using the Windows emoji keyboard (WindowsKey + .) in RadRichTextBox duplicates the input.
Validation error binding wrongly shows that validation has succeeded when a new error is added to a failing state.
Shapes: Loading a specific document fails with System.ArithmeticException: 'Function does not accept floating point Not-a-Number values.'


ShowFloatingBlockPropertiesDialogCommand now inherits from DrawingContextCommandBase, instead of ImageContextCommandBase.


Url icon from web browsers cannot be dropped inside ScheduleView.


MinimumRangeSpan and MaximumRangeSpan properties of RangeSliderThumb are not respected.


Introduced an API for converting cell range name to CellRange.


NullReferenceException when importing a document that contains notes shapes with no row and column.
Unprotecting a document does not accept the given password.
AnIndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when exporting a file in Russian culture under Windows 7 and the target platform is .NET Standard version.
Notes are not updated after inserting or removing cells.


Introduced an API for converting cell range name to CellRange.


MergeAndCenter command binding in the SpreadsheetRibbon causes a NullReferenceException.
Unprotecting a document does not accept the given password.


Series of commenting symbols or series of commenting and other symbols break the comment colorization (and tagging) in C#, VB, JS, SQL taggers. Added protected GetCharType and OnWordSplit methods in WordTaggerBase class for additional customization over the word splitting processing in the taggers.


If a parent row that is not in the viewport is collapsed, its child rows remain in the viewport if they were there before the collapse.


There is a jumping issue when the focus is lost and the ControlTemplate is customized to not contain a Telerik Label. With older binaries the issue can be fixed if KeepLabelFloated=True is set.


Added microphone settings to the camera settings dialog.


Fixed control of additional space between Header and content that can be managed through the ContentAreaMargin property.


PdfFormatProvider: A NullReferenceException is thrown when converting nested tables to PDF and the vertical alignment is set.
InvalidOperationException is thrown while importing DOCX file with nested content controls over the contents of a table cell with more than one paragraphs.
Importing empty content control that is the first element of a table cell leads to NullReferenceException.
The value of a Page field with numberInDash format is not exported to PDF.

Coded UI Tests
All components in Telerik UI for WPF support Level 1 Coded UI tests and most of the controls already support Level 3 Coded UI tests, making Telerik UI Controls easily maintainable within any test-driven development process.

Touch Support
The built-in touch support and the Windows8Touch theme make your Telerik UI for WPF powered applications run smoothly on a touch device.

Drag and Drop Support
Many Telerik UI for WPF controls come with built-in drag and drop support. The suite also provides a DragDropManager which easily integrates within your solution to implement any drag and drop scenario.

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