Download Entrian Source Search v1.8.3

Entrian Source Search v1.8.3

Entrian Source Search v1.8.3
Entrian Source Search v1.8.3

Instantly find every occurrence of a word, phrase, function, variable, API, error code or anything else in your source code, with a single keystroke. Entrian Source Search is a search engine for your source code. It builds a full-text index of your files, and searches it instantly, giving syntax-colored results. It indexes everything, not just code, and includes powerful Fuzzy and Loose searching.

Search all your files
Search every­thing – not just code, but comments, strings, resources, documentation, notes, ChangeLogs, everything. Source Search goes way beyond a refactoring tool, or Find All References, finding important information in places other than just the source files in your solution.

Blazingly fast performВ­ance
Entrian Source Search builds a full-text index of your files, and can search it incredibly quickly. Most searches are practically instantaneous, and even searches with millions of hits only take a second or two. If you've ever waited for Find In Files or Find All References, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Syntax highВ­lighted search results
It's not just eye-candy – when your search results use the same color scheme as the source code in your editor, it's much easier for you to scan them. And glancing between the search results and the editor is less of a context switch for your brain.

AutocomВ­plete for every word in your code
Not only does autocomplete save typing, it can often answer your question before you've even asked it: “What are the names of all the DROPEFFECTs we use?” And just like all Entrian Source Search features, it's both fast and unobtrusive.

Seamless integraВ­tion with Visual Studio
Like to use a bizarre color scheme? Like to set up all your own key bindings? Like your windows positioned just so? No problem. Source Search integrates into Visual Studio seamlessly, picking up your preferences and fitting in with the way you like to work.

Search features:
Search for words, code-snippets or wildcar*.
Search for words near to each other using a Loose phrase search, so "parse query" will match Query q = p.parse(...)
Fuzzy search matches variations (Archive matches CArchive and Archival), international spellings (Color matches Colour), and spelling mistakes (Definitely matches Definately).
Filter on the age of files, for instance to pick up only files modified within the past two hours: age:2h.
Limiting your search to files with certain extensions ext:cpp or certain names file:ChangeLog or in certain directories dir:lib\renderer.

Only for V.I.P
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